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Sep 17, 2010 03:07 PM

Garlic odor and jalapeno burn on hands

Heard an interesting remedy today involving garlic odor and jalapeno burn on hands. Rub hands and fingers on stainless steel. A woman doing a cooking demo swore that it works. She said she uses the divider between her kitchen sink, but stainless doo-dads resembling a bar of soap are available. I suppose that means All-Clad should do the trick also.

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  1. Yeah, that tricks works.

    1. the burning on hands,I tried Lime juice and it worked,did everything else,but nothing helped,it was from onions,thought my hands were on fire,so after you wash and wash,that when I did the lime.

      1. rubbing alcohol also works.

        1. anything stainless will work -- I use a soup spoon.

          Dunno why -- just know it does.

          1. I just rub my hands all around my sink. Works for me.