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Sep 17, 2010 01:50 PM

Great News! cooking supply store

Have you taking any of their classes? Looks like a wide variety of subjects with a nice mix of class times and price points, despite what looks like repeat-instructors. Would you say any class in particular is "don't miss"? Worth the time? Previous experiences here?

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  1. I've only attended a couple of classes there. The classes come across as being largely designed to promote the products they have for sale. The evening class I attended was pretty disappointing. Unremarkable food and Two Buck Chuck. People seemed mostly interested in the Two Buck Chuck. It was touted as a wine pairing class. LOL.

    I did attend a daytime baking class there that was better.

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      Thanks, Josh. Was thinking the tamale making class looked good, and possibly the Farm to Table class with Jordan Russell. Do you know him? Would it be worthwhile?

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          DC, I think the Farm to Table class would be a good bet. Jordan did a lot of functions with Slow Food Austin and has tremendous interest and passion on this topic.

          Like Josh, I've taken a few classes at GN. Their teaching kitchen is great and you can see pretty well. Josh is correct, their instructors are encouraged to promote certain products that tie in with class so that attendees will buy them during the break. Some instructors are pretty low key about it so it's not always offensive

          The guys from Iowa Meat Farms do regular classes there and they are pretty good. I buy a lot of meat from IMFs. It's good and the butchers knowledgable.

          You might be more intersted in classes at Balboa Food & Wine, which is located above the Prado in Balboa Park. I both taught and attended classes here. It's a small venue, and they generally don't book more than 16 people. The draw back is that the teaching venue is a converted bar in a long narrow space. Look for classes by Peter Robson, he's high energy and does pretty interesting stuff.

          Iowa Meat Farms
          6041 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA 92120

          Balboa Park
          1549 El Prado Ste 8, San Diego, CA 92101

      1. It depends whose classes you take. i like to take ones by San Diego chefs and they are pretty interesting. Mineko Moreno does good Japanese classes and Deb Schneider is great with her Mexican classes.
        They do showcase a few products but it is definitely not a hard sell or offensive, to me at least.
        The 2 buck Chuck is gone--apparently they don't have a liquor license so they can't serve a glass of wine with the meal or something like that? Last year the guy from Mistral in Coronado came with his sommelier and they actually did a real pairing with the meal which was wonderful.

        1. I took their basic knife skills class a couple weeks ago. It was really good. The first half hour seemed like it was just to advertise the knives they had for sale, but after that, the demonstrations on proper knife handling were really useful.

          In addition to giving us chance to practice basic knife handling of several different kinds of knives, they also taught us several different kinds of cuts. I can't vouch for any of their other classes, but the knife skills class was very good.

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            And, last time I checked, the knife skills class is still one of their most popular and one of the hardest to get into.

            1. re: phee

              I signed up about a month in advance. I don't know how hard it is to get into closer to the day, but it was full.

          2. I took the hands on basic sushi class with Mineko Moreno a few years ago and it was fun. Husband went to a steak class and it certainly improved his skills. Did get a 10% discount on any purchase made that day so there was that incentive, but never got any pressure to buy anything and don't recall any products being hyped during the class. I've have a group of friends who went to a couple of the Friday Night Dinner Party classes and liked them, maybe more so for the social aspect. I didn't know they no longer allowed alcohol, because when my friends went they made margaritas at the Mexican dinner party class, but that was a few years ago.