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Sep 17, 2010 01:25 PM

Family Friendly Dining in/near Lenox, MA?

We're staying in Lenox next week, and was hoping some of you could suggest places to eat that are reasonably priced and appropriate to bring small children to. We've never visited the area before, and we've never vacationed with kids before, so we could definitely use some help with this. Suggestions for casual places for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner would be great!

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  1. For middle of the road I would suggest Arizona Pizza Co. on Rt 7 along with The Dakota(steakhouse) and Mazzeo's (Italian) which are also on Rt 7 heading north towards Pittsfield. In Lee I would recommend Salmon Run for seafood. If you want more upscale where kids are welcome I would suggest Rouge in West Stockbridge. Staying in Lenox breakfast is a little tougher. Haven is good but expensive and a little pretentious. My favorite place for breakfast is still Martin's in Great Barrington, but that is a drive. Have fun, I'm sure others will chime in with good suggestions as well.

    Arizona Pizza Co
    51 Park St, Lee, MA 01238

    1. You don't say how small your kids are but in Lenox I love Frankie's, a lovely, old-fashioned Italilan in an old house on Main Street, if it's nice weather you can eat on the porch. Lots of families at Route 7 Grill, just outside of Great Barrington. I also like Salmon Run in Lee. For a really informal breakfast in Lenox there is Berkshire Bagels on Franklin Street -- mostly takeout but a few tables and inexpensive.

      Route 7 Grill
      999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

      1. You can bring kids to just about any restaurant in Lenox at lunch if your kids are ok at the table. I've found the same to be the case for dinner, no matter how upscale. Reasonably priced is a whole different issue.

        Kids LOVE the Dakota (there are much better restaurants for adults) in Pittsfield. It's not in the heart of town, but on Rt. 7 towards Pittsfield straight out of the 1970s. You're greeted by a giant stuffed bear at the entrance and they have lobster tanks and the waiters will happily scare the kids by pulling them out (dinner and Sunday brunch is supposed to fill you up til Monday).

        About 5 minutes from Lenox, in Lee is Bombay Indian Restaurant on Rt. 20. It overlooks a pool which overlooks Laurel Lake. The food is great. It's strangely located in a motel (dinner).

        Betty's pizza next to Scoop in the center of Lenox is nice. They use a lot of organic ingredients and the walls are a gallery of kids artwork on paper plates (lunch and dinner).

        In Lee, there's also Joe's Diner. It's cheap and retro, and it's the diner that Norman Rockwell's famous ice cream shop painting was named after (lunch and dinner). The food is old school and really cheap.

        As for the other posters' suggestions, I hated the Salmon Run. Martin's is ok, but overrated. If you want a cool place to take the kids for breakfast, head to the Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Housatonic and get a coffee and some fresh baked goods. They let us check out the bakery in the back.

        Good luck!

        Joe's Diner
        85 Center St, Lee, MA 01238

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          I agree - Salmon Run was a HUGE disappointment - the staff was condescending and unhelpful to this newbie and te food was dancing on the edge of lousy. But it does a land office business in season.

        2. I have never been disappointed with Salmon Run. It is no Le Bernardin but this isn't NYC. Betty's should be avoided at all cost. The pizza shouldn't even be called pizza. As an above poster wrote, kids are welcome at all restaurants. Some may be a little too much for kids although Lenox is a tourist destination and caters to the whole crowd. Joe's is a consistent greasy spoon, good in the old fashioned sense, but I have to agree with rhoneranger about Martin's. Very good, the same year after year..... a true locals breakfast spot.

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            I agree about Salmon Run, solid servings of fresh fish, not NYC style (i.e., if you're used to salmon served medium rare fugetaboutit) but very enjoyable and reasonable. Condescending service? I can't imagine. Been there many times and the waitstaff is lovely! The Berkshire Mountain Bakery suggestion is good one and weather permitting, they have a few tables outside. You could do a quick, inexpensive lunch the same way at Guido's market just outside Great Barrington: get a few salads and sandwiches to go and sit at a table outside. Then spend more on dinner!