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Sep 17, 2010 01:10 PM

Looking for 2 places for dinner spots that I can't miss and 2 for lunch??

Coming down from New York next weekend and looking for 2 outstanding meals that compare to New York....also looking for a couple of places for lunch. Thanks fellow chowhounds.

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  1. where in our 120 mile long strip of south florida are you coming to?

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    1. re: smartie

      Ft.Lauderdale area, and I'll have a car so I can get to Miami if that's better.

    2. I cant not go to Miami with out considering Yakko San as a stop, its not "South beachish" but it is by far my favorite asian restaurant

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      1. re: SaminSFL

        Hiro's is good but there are a million places in NYC equal or far superior to it...

        I would make a point to stop at Michael's for lunch, Sra. Martinez for dinner, Solea for dinner in the Miami area. Cannot really comment on Ft. Lauderdale too much.

        Sra. Martinez
        4000 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137

      2. Fort Lauderdale Suggestions:

        Dinner: 3030 Ocean and Canyon for fine food
        maybe 15th street fisheries
        Another one, if you are adventurous, is a vegan restaurant called Sublime. High-end dining, exquisite preparation.
        The Mai-Kai is a polynesian place with crazy fire shows that is a memorable experience (though the food is sub par)

        Lunch: Bluejay Cafe is a lovely new spot

        I love the view and vibe at Bahia Cabana , in flip flops, watching yachts -- but the food is weak
        Pelican bar on the docks at Hyatt Pier 66 has better food, same scenery

        3030 Ocean
        Harbor Beach Resort Marriott, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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        1. re: loot101

          For one of your dinners in Fort Lauderdale I would suggest Casa de Angelo or Valentinos. Both are italian and are consistently good. I would say that the atmosphere is more upscale at Casa de Angelo but the food is great at both. If you go to Casa, ask to sit in the wine room. Just fyi, Valentinos does not have a full liquor license. Goiovanni (the chef there) spends a great deal of time working with various chefs in NYC.....

          1. re: loot101

            Tried Blue Jay after reading a positive review in the Citylink. Must have been a paid review. This place claims to be Southwestern, but there was nothing southwestern about it. Terrible tacos, a barely cooked tamale with tomato spaghetti sauce which they called "red chile" and chicken wings with Franks Hot sauce on them. Nothing special, nothing original, nothing tasty. The burger was good, but the green chile came from a can and has a metallic taste. Very dissapointing.

            Blue Jay Lounge
            301 SW 15th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

            1. re: dharma

              I believe the Bluejay loot101 was referring to isBluejay Cafe on Himarshee St, not in Pompano.