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Sep 17, 2010 01:01 PM

Pampered Chef

What is your favorite item that you can't live w/o? Have a party to go to...need to know what I should buy.

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  1. To answer your question directly, my favorite kitchen item is a good kitchen knife and a decent cutting board.

    To answer your question indirectly, the Pampered Chef knives do not appeal to me.

    1. I went to one of these a few years ago and bought a large glass (pyrex) measuring/mixing bowl with spout and plastic lid. I've used this a lot and like it very much, for mixing batters, etc.

      The other items seemed to not be very well made, and overpriced for the quality. I wonder where their products are made. Hopefully their quality has improved since my experience?

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        I recently perused their goods at a booth at my state fair. Frankly, I would not buy any of their products. If you must buy something just to be polite, I'd choose the folding SS pan drainer.

      2. I went to a party and got a set of breading trays for around $ 20. They are
        pretty useful and snap together to use. One tray each for the flour, eggs and
        breadrumbs. breaks down for storage and easy to clean. I use it every time
        I need to bread something,

        1. My wife bought the garlic press, and it has held up well since we have had it. It's better than the one we used to have.

          For the most part I'm not impressed with their stuff, it's almost all if not all made in China.