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Sep 17, 2010 12:54 PM

Is "21" Club still good?

Just wondering if it is worth going to the "21" Club for dinner?

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  1. no. it's passe. the place sucks. mediocre food. expensive. old school snooty service. went for the supposedly "legendary" duck fat burger a while ago and wasn't impressed.

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    1. re: mow mow

      Stick with Momofuku and leave the grownup places for people who appreciate them.

      There is nothing that "sucks" (how descriptive?) about The 21 Club.

      21 Club
      21 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        alright maybe i was harsh. takes back the "sucks" bit.

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          Personally I love the place, it's so New Yorky. So yes, it's worth going to for dinner.

      2. I still like it very much. The Ceasar salad is terrific, as are the burgers. And the cocktails are very well made. I also really enjoy the service and the ambience. It's civilized.

        1. it's an experience, at least for me. the food isn't extraordinarily innovative, but what i've had has been executed well.

          1. Trip back in time.

            Had the can't miss Ceasar and a Hamburger before a show -- and they didn't. Hadn't had a gin rickey in years, but ordered a classic, perfectly poured. My older guests from the midwest had never been to 21, and loved the ambience, and by Midwest standards their food ... a so so pork belly and over vegetabled risotto.

            Service couldn't have been more accomodating (at least 6 different faces serving, taking orders, checking back. ) One waiter regaled the table with tales of the old days, Sinatra, Douglas, Peck and wives at one table 3 am in the morning. As we left, two doyenes sat down, obviously hadn't been there in years, but were amazed that the MD remembered them and their drinks.

            But time has taken its toll. The bar room was almost empty, albeit for an early curtain on a Tuesday night. And the self same waiter bemoaned the new days, prix fixe, etc.

            Alas, this New York institution may be destinted to follow the way of Tavern on the Green, Cafe des Artistes, Lutece, etc. The gem has become a chestnut. Ala PJ Clarks, they need to makeover the tired menu and capitalize on the brand. After all, Mad Men has made mid century trendy.

            In fact, as I sipped my rickey, was that Don Draper laughing with Conrad Hilton at the bar?