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Sep 17, 2010 12:23 PM

ISO Maras Pepper and Urfa

I recently read something somewhere that touted the Turkish spices of Maras Pepper and Urfa Pepper. This inspired a little 'city scavenger hunt' which has yielded no success. I'm tempted to buy it online, but that just takes the fun out of it. Does anyone have any ideas as to specialty spice stores where I might be able to find them or know of them specifically?


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  1. Kalustyan has these, possibly (only possibly) Sahadis.
    The mideast or "aleppo" pepper is very similar. and is found also at Kalustyan and other places.
    Until recently there was a turkish store at 8th Ave - 60th Street in Brooklyn Chinatown which sold urfa or maras pepper but that store has now closed. If anybody has any idea of a good store for turkish products in Brooklyn or Queens I would love to hear about it.

    187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    1. There are two Turkish shops that have this in Sunnyside: Sunny Grocery on 45-26 43rd Ave (look for a purple awning with a yellow sun on it), as well as Turkiyem Market a few blocks away at 46-31 Skillman Ave. Sunny Grocery has slightly better prices and sometimes has prepared food on weekends - nothing blew us away, but it was interesting to try.

      Both shops sell Maras biber and Issot biber (this is another name for Urfa pepper), along with some other kinds I haven't tried yet. An 8 oz plastic jar of either costs $5-6 at Sunny Grocery - they have smaller, cheaper sachets too. I've restocked several times from there and found the Maras pepper to be very fresh - my kitchen hasn't been without since I found this place...

      I suspect Massis at 42-20 43rd Ave would have it too, although I can't remember specifically - worth a stop if you're in the area to check out the Turkish jam, halva, tea, nuts, soap, olive oil and a great eastern European deli counter. (El Shater at 43-02 43rd Ave seems as if it might have Aleppo pepper but does not - still worth a stop for spinach pies and sweets, though.)

      You can get aleppo pepper at Penzey's in Grand Central Market, although Maras pepper is a little hotter.

      42-20 43rd Ave, Queens, NY 11104

      Sunny Grocery
      45-26 43rd Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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        Thanks a million, I will check it out. I knew El Shater was over there, but not the Turkish places.

        El Shater
        43-02 43rd Ave, Queens, NY 11104