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Sep 17, 2010 11:57 AM

CXG, Golden Spring or S&W Pepper House?

I'll be in Vancouver for one night next week and would like to get some sichuan food while I'm there. I did a search and these 3 popped up the most. Which would you all recommend for the most authentic?


S&W Pepper House
4500 Kingsway #1812, Burnaby V5H 2A9, CA

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  1. Not an expert but I did do a spree of Sichuan earlier this year and tried all three, some repeatedly. I think you're going to get "real" food at any of them. You'll have to fight less for the ma la or da la at the last two -- the chef at CXG seems to be reluctant to bring it on for some reason. I personally prefer the S&W in Richmond but that is a matter of taste, as others here give the edge to the one below Crystal Mall in Burnaby. If you go to either, don't miss the peanut salad. I've been to Golden Spring twice and thought it was good but something seemed lacking. They do have cheap beer if that's a draw.

    Have fun wherever you choose and be sure to let us know what you try!

    Crystal Mall
    4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H2A9, CA

    1. There's a few in Burnaby:

      - Hotluck (Kingsway)

      I gotta say, Hotluck's kitsch really makes me want to try them, but with my lame chili heat tolerance I might even find their water too ..... hot:

      - Szechuan House (Imperial Ave


      Not been to neither, so I can't comment.

      But there's some good Hunan if you're interested:

      - Alvin Garden (also on Imperial Ave in Burnaby, about 4 blocks east of Szechuan House mentioned above)

      - Bushuair (nee Aroma Garden and nee Gordon Park), on # Three Road in Richmond

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        I've been to both hotluck and szechuan house. Szechuan house used to be good but it has declined in quality.

        Hotluck is a worthy place for at least a handful of dishes. One dish that stood out for me was their laziji (Chongqing chicken or 1000 chili chicken). They get bonus points for using plenty of Sichuan peppercorns and double points for using proper facing heaven chilis - it is the only Sichuan restaurant I have been to here that uses it. Their Sichuan hotpots look good but I have not had them.

        I really like the bustling ambiance and the food at S&W pepperhouse. Authetically executed sicuan classics plus a smattering of Yunan and Hunan.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Let me contribute some of mine:

            S&W Richmond

            S&W Burnaby


            (Hunan) Alvin Garden

            Nine Dishes

            And we have not really talked about this here - Szechuan Chongqing (Broadway)'s off-menu Sichuan dishes:
   (from the chef's restaurant in HK called Chili Fagara. Inquire to see if you can order this chef's table....more of an HK take on SIchuan.)

            1. re: fmed

              9 dishes seems a little far from the subway station (no car), so i'll probably go to either S&W Burnaby or hotluck

              1. re: changy

                Between those two - I would choose S&W.

      2. S+W Burnaby, for atmosphere and consistency.

        Chuan Xiang Ge, if you have a pretty good understanding of the cuisine and can order a good run of dishes and can ask for exactly what you want.

        Somebody already mentioned Nine Dishes, so I'll mention it, too. Just go there.

        1. Hey Guys,

          I ended up going to S&W Burnaby. Since i was alone, i only got 2 dishes, the shui zhu yu (water boiled fish?) and mao xue wang (pork blood and other stuff cooked in a pot). While the shui zhu yu looked very spicy when they brought it to the table, it's actually not too bad. I ended up putting some of the fish into the mao xue wang to make it spicier. The mao xue wang was pretty good, again not as spicy or ma (numbing?) as i hoped it would be, though u can definitely feel the peppercorns. The pork blood is actually real pork blood, unlike ny restaurants that mix in duck blood which gives it a weird texture. The dish could use more pork blood and less spam/intestine etc. Despite the short comings, its much better than what we have in ny. Thanks for the recommendation!

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          1. re: changy

            You shoulda (or we shoulda) got some of our phone #'s for an impromptu "chowdown" !

            Glad you enjoyed the meal nevertheless !

              1. re: JayDK

                CXG is gone, Golden Spring is now New Spicy Chili (still pretty good, IMO).