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Sep 17, 2010 11:54 AM

Vietnamese in Montgomery and Bucks County?

I love going to Vietnam Restaurant and Nam Phuong when I am in Philly plus Bamboo Noodle in Frazer, PA but I would love to get my fix closer to home. I've heard about Vietnam Cafe in Telford, PA, but are there any others? Can anybody recommend any? We live in the Solebury, PA area. Thanks.

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  1. Telford is not that bad a drive from Solebury... 313- 113. Maybe a 30 minute drive tops.. assuming no traffic.

    Other options. SavorSaigon in Levitown.. in the shopping center where the HMart is.

    Pho and Beyond in Willow Grove, around the corner from the Barnes and Noble wouldnt be too far to drive.

    Pho Tai Nam in Blue Bell would be a bit of a hike, though its easily accessible right off 202.

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      Forgot one more. Saigon on Main in Lansdale. Further than Telford, but not a bad drive from Solebury.

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          There's also Basil Leaf in Newtown, in the shopping center with Genardi's.
          I go to all of the above routinely. Telford is most definitely worth the trip. I'd put Pho and Beyond a very close second. Then Savor, then Basil Leaf (good food, but service can be iffy).

          From Solebury, I'd take 202 to 152 North, turning at Borghi's. About 30 minutes, but a very pretty ride.

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            I "third" Pho and Beyond". Wonderful food, very pleasant owner. BYOB. What more could you ask?

        2. I recently review Pho Thai Nam in Blue Bell on this board. I'd highly recommend that in terms of authenticity and very reasonable pricing.

          I am, however, looking for a place to get Banh Mi or other Vietnamese sandwiches in the burbs. Any thoughts here?

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            Banh Mi is on the menu of Pho and Beyond.

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              We used to go to Pho Thai Nam but Saigon on Main in Lansdale is far better and we seldom visit PTN anymore.

            2. I 4th Pho and Beyond in Willow Grove, it is excellent. They do have Banh Mi's too.

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                Unfortunately, I'm sad to report......Savor Saigon in Levittown has gone out of business. I went there the other night for my Pho fix and the place was closed. Gee....another pizza joint was opening in it's place...just what was needed.

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                  Their banh mi's are pretty good too! I prefer the chicken, but the pork is not bad at all.

                2. I 5th Pho and Beyond! It was our first Vietnamese food experience; not knowing what to order we were "gently" questioned about our likes and dislikes and then suggestions were made. Wonderful experience, excellent food (altho we have nothing to compare it to...). And a lovely setting in a small not so attractive strip center in Willow Grove.

                  1. We also tried Pho and Beyond recently and really enjoyed it. Sadly for my gluten-free hubby, we learned that all of the meats are mariniated in soy, so he was limited to the pho. Thankfully, the pho was delicious. Pho 75 is our go-to pho place, and this was good, but different. The broth is more delicate, with more sweetness to it. The bowls are huge. Atmosphere was very nice, and I was pleased to see the place full at lunchtime. We'll definitely be back.

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                      I ate there yesterday, PHo and was very busy at lunchtime.....a good sign. I had the deluxe pho, very good, much deeper color and depth of flavor than Savor Saigon. Also had to try the Bahn Mi and took a pork one to go.......WOW.....never had one before........very very tasty. I will be back definitely. Very clean with clean restrooms, which will make my wife happy as she was very disgusted by the cleanliness of Savor Saigon's restrooms. She figures if the bathroom is horribly disgusting, what's the kitchen looking like????