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Sep 17, 2010 10:29 AM

Craft Beer in Philly

I'm looking for a bottle shop with a wide range of craft beers both domesitic and imported. Any suggestions on where to go? and what are your recommendations on what I should try? I just turned 21 and am sorta new onto the craft beer scene and am willing to try anything

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  1. Foodery, newest location at 2nd and Popular in Northern Liberties has a larger selection than their original spot at 10th and Pine (which is pretty spectacular for a tiny space).

    Hawthorne's on 11th and Fitzwater.

    Both places will suggest things if you tell them what you like. I think that the Dogfishhead brand is a good place to start. But there are so many!

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      Also Brew at 15th & Mifflin. Some of the delis and pizza shops in Center City have good bottle selections too, but not on the level on these spots.

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        thanks! I have tried dogfish head and by far one of the best brews I've had

      2. Brew is small but has a nice selection, and is right across the street from an excellent bar, the South Philadelphia Tap Room. And their prices are fairly reasonable. The Foodery at 10th & Pine has a better selection, but I stopped going there after picking out a 6-pack plus 1 of 6 American beers and 1 Belgian (all 12-oz) and paying $32 for it! And that was after a 10% discount on the 6 beers. I'd rather sit in a bar like Devil's Den or SPTR or The Belgian Cafe if I'm going to pay that much per bottle. I'm glad The Foodery is finally getting some competition.

        Tap Room
        201 Bohemia Ave, Chesapeake City, MD 21915

        1. If you have a car, definitely check out Total Wine in Delaware. It is just over the PA border. Take the Naamans Rd. exit and it is in the shopping center on your right. Amazing selection, especially if you are interested in just trying single bottles until you really figure out exactly what you like. (Though you are obviously on the right track with Dogfish Head!) I think there's a Total Wine not too far in Jersey, too, but the DE one is closer methinks.) Have fun!

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            Great, thanks alot! I will definately check these places out

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              Ok this is a bit out of bounds as per your request. Should you be interested in a nice drive try Stoudt's at the Denver exit of the PATPK. Fantastic award winning brews of all types and should you go on a Saturday a fantastic antique mall to boot. Plenty of other very good choices in Philly but I will leave that to others who know more than I to pass along.

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                Second the reccomendation of Stoudt's brewpub. However the antique flea market is only open Sunday, not Saturday.

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              Yeah, even including gas and tolls, the mix a sixes at Total Wine are so much cheaper than anywhere in Philadelphia that I'm sure it's cheaper to make a trip and buy several mix a sixes there as opposed to just going to the Foodery.