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Sep 17, 2010 10:27 AM

Alinea - Dining Solo

Hi All,

I will be in Chicago for a work meeting next week and one night will likely be dining solo and have been to most of the real good haunts in Chicago that are friendly for dining like that, especially those centering around good beer.

I have always wanted to go to Alinea- is that a place you can go on your own? Not sure the setup, Im sure it is unique. Also didn't know what cost to expect for an average meal there and if it would fit with the expense report

Thanks a lot.


1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

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  1. They take singles but good luck getting a reservation "next week", typically they are booked well in advance.

    "didn't know what cost to expect for an average meal"

    There's only one choice, $185 for the tasting menu. Plus tip, drinks and a relatively high tax. Check their web site.

    1. Also, aside from the cost and reservation issues you will face, you probably should know that dinner there takes 3-4 hours.

      1. You probably won't be able to get a reservation with such short notice, but you've got nothing to lose by calling them to ask. So give them a call.

        Good luck getting your expense report approved!

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          Last week, I called to get a reservation for mid-November was told that the restaurant is fully booked through November.

        2. Dining there solo is great - if you can get a reservation, do it.