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Sep 17, 2010 09:45 AM

just bought a GE profile double oven with glasstop cooktop -What experiences have u had with it?

the owner's manual does not recommend cast iron or porcelain enameled steel cookware as the enamel could melt .Also they do not reommend thin weight aluminum.How did u adjust to baking with a convection oven?How much less time should i allow for recipes?Any helpful hints would be appreciated.Thank you in advance for your advice.

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  1. My experience is too late for you. But first of all, they have a concern about porcelain enamel melting on a stovetop, I want what they're smoking. (Actually I don't, but it sounds good.) Porcelain Enamel is essentally glass that has been fired at 750 to 850 °C to fuse it to a substrate. That's over 1500 °F, about 1000 °F higher than you're likely to be cooking at. If your Profile gets that hot, well you have other issues beyond the cookware. They probably don't want to admit the real reason, and that's because any irregularity on the cast iron or in the enameled surface will scratch the cooktop.

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      i guess you regret purchasing your ge profile range/oven then ?

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        I really don't like raining on someones parade and the reasons we have for not being fans of glasstop ranges may be specific to things my wife and daughters like to cook. The issues are they are slow to heat up and slow to cool down, easy to overshoot the temperature and the tops are very easily damaged. A lot of this depends on what you cook obviously. My wife and daughters make a lot of candy around the holidays, glasstops are not well suited to this task and we have a lot of experience trying on various glass top ranges. According to a service technician, sugar for whatever reason bonds to the glass top and it's difficult to make candy without sugar and without some of it escaping the pan. The tech told us he knew of a woman that set a sugar coated spoon on the rangetop and it's still there, permantly bonded to the rangetop. Based on these experiences we just wouldn't have one. They look great and I'm sure many people love them. Maybe what you cook or the way you cook you will have better luck.

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          the manual was very explicit that sugar had to be removed immediately while the spill was still hot.Maybe my top is only ceramic instead of glass because it is black-maybe the next model that was more expensive was glass top.I'll check with the salesman.All i know is i was enamored with the features of double convection ovens(even though top one is a midget oven)and the fact the 2 left side burners act in coordination to put a grill over both of them with the same heat so you could sear steaks before you toss them into the oven.It was alot cheaper than the induction stovetop and convection oven that was $1500 more.

    2. What they mean is they don't want you to scratch the glass surface or complain that your pans that aren't pefectly flat no longer cook well.