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Sep 17, 2010 08:27 AM

Good Steak in Richmond

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Richmond where you can get a good steak?

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  1. Old Original Bookbinders is outstanding. There's a Morton's and Fleming's. Both are nice but they are chain restaurants. You would think Ruth Chris would have a branch in Richmond.

    Old Original Bookbinder's @ 2306 E Cary Street, Richmond, VA 804 - 643 - 6900.

    1. Ruthi's Chris does have a branch in the South Side.

      I also vote for Bookbinders, though. They are done right!

      Also, Copper Grill in the Short Pump and Sensi (near Bookbinders) has good steak specials. You just want to make sure they have it before you go.

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        Copper Grill has 1/2 price on Live Maine Lobsters on Sunday. Split a steak and split a lobster. Get a big loaded baked potato and some cold drinks. Mmmmmmmmm.............

      2. My favorite is Hondo's

        Morton's is excellent as well. All their locations I have visited in the States are very consistent in quality & service.

        1. Back in the day, the best steak in Richmond was outside of town at The North Pole. Sadly, the owner was killed in a car accident earlier this year and his perfect steaks are a fond memory.

          IMO, the best steak in Richmond is at Flemings. For a non "steakhouse" Millie's Diner and Edo's Squid both make a very good steak.

          Edo's Squid
          411 N Harrison St, Richmond, VA 23220

          The North Pole
          1558 River Rd W, Crozier, VA 23039

          1. Buckheads on Patterson Ave has great steaks. And they come with sides/salads. Not like Ruth's Chris or Mortons where everything is a la carte.

            8510 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 23229