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Sep 17, 2010 08:18 AM

Bring mac & cheese to Temescal! Vote for Homeroom....

Tried them at Eat Real and loved it: creamy, tangy: delicious. They're raising money to get their restaurant up and running on 40th St (my neighborhood, so I'm psyched!) and have been chosen as finalists in the Daily Candy's Start Small, Go Big contest. Vote for them! Bring mac and cheese to Oakland...or at least bring it to my neighborhood!

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  1. You can vote every 24 hours, and if you have different browsers on your computer, you can vote twice a day. and when i go to work and use my boss's computer with his two browsers, i vote FOUR times a day!

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      Who knew? That's awesome. Thanks! Trailer Mac, here I come!

    2. Homeroom is planning to open Wed 2/15/11

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      1. Sold out Valentine's dinner, and then open for business - lunch only for a week, then adding dinners, 10 versions of mac-n-cheese.

        1. Happened by Homeroom today and noticed it was open. The line was out the door most of the time I was there.

          Very inviting space w/ nice wooden tables and an open, airy feeling.

          I got a Mexican Mac and Roasted carrots to go. Mexican Mac has Chorizo, Chipotle peppers and jack cheese but the flavors were so subtle as to be almost unnoticeable. Of course I am just getting over a cold so my taste buds may still be impaired. The roasted carrots I COULD taste however and they are excellent. Served cold but with a nice char and just a bit of bite to them they are not overly sweet as roasted carrots so often can be.

          I'll definitely go back to try their more straight-forward Mac and Cheeses, and they are a welcome addition to that part of the neighborhood, but I can't say I was blown away by my first experience. I'm curious to hear what others think.

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          1. re: 10foot5

            There's nothing I have less interest in than Mac 'n Cheese, even when gussied up with good spices.

            But I hope it is very very popular so that there will be less of a line at Southie.

            Did anyone score their polenta special last week? I heard it was sensational.

            1. re: escargot3

              Homeroom is nowhere near Southie, so I doubt that it would have any effect on the line there.

            2. re: 10foot5

              Finally went here, with friends that insisted. Mac and Cheese can be really yummy but I don't get the fad. Definitely wasn't into waiting in line, but I was late so didn't have to. Don't know how long friends waited. We tried 3 kinds, the trailer mac, bacon/egg, and vegan. The trailer one was kind of gross, just tasted like hot dogs. Bacon one just tasted like bacon. Couldn't identify any cheese flavor in either, just a lot of gloppy fatty stuff. The vegan one was really bland and boring. I do not get the hype AT ALL. The beer was good though. Oh, and the dessert (home made oreos) were so sweet I couldn't eat them....not a place to return to, except for maybe a deal happy hour beer...

              1. re: rebonga

                I don't get it either.

                I had the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese. The sunnyside up egg was good. The mac and cheese was dry with not enough cheese / sauce. There was very little bacon or toasted breadcrumbs. At the bottom of the dish was some clumps of separating cheese solids and oil.

                I guess they haven't improved much since I went a month or two ago.

            3. I love the creamy peanut butter pie.