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Sep 17, 2010 07:55 AM

Teatro de Sale in firenze. Lunch or Dinner?

We are thinking about going to Teatro de Sale for either lunch or dinner, leaning more towards lunch. Should we consider it?

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  1. We had a delicious dinner there, and thoroughly enjoyed the food, the show and the experience. We intend to return when we return to Florence.

    1. 3 years ago,when I was there, il teatro was only open evenings when there was a show scheduled. Check the website for schedule. Trattoria Cibreo has similar food and is open for lunch. TC is closed Sunday and Monday.

      1. My wife and I dined there for dinner recently and we were very disapointed. The food was below average at best and highly overrated. There is literally no service. The chef announces a course by yelling out in Italian and everyone stampedes to a common table or counter to get a small amount of that course. Often the food was no longer available when we got to the table. The entire desert table was empty when we finally got through the line. At the end of the meal we were still hungry and what we did eat was not impressive.
        I would recommend La Giostria in Florence instead. The food, service, atmosphere and wine was terrific. One of the best meals we had in Italy.

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          We went to Teatro del Sale on a weekday for lunch and there were fewer people than might be there at night. We had plenty to eat and all was very good. Also lunch was 20 Euros vs 30 at dinner.

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            I had a very disappointing experience with Cibreo Cafe for dinner 2 weeks ago. I was told by our driver that the father who owned the Cibreos had passed away 6 months ago. Recs for any of the Cibreo's from visits 3 years ago should be taken with a grain of salt.

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              Do you have some proof that Fabio Picchi is dead? If not, please don't report that he is. I just read the October 15, 2010, issue of The Florentine and it discusses Teatro del Sale. No mention is made of Fabio's passing, and the article speaks of him as is he is present.

              1. re: CJT

                You're absolutely right. I have no proof and it would be a horrible thing to say if our tour guide was grossly misinformed. Why he would say such a thing if it were not true is beyond me but your point is taken.

                The fact remains that the food at Cibreo Cafe was grossly overpriced and not very good at all. This is confirmed by the above recent experience at Teatro del Sale. It is very possible that things have changed for the worse since your last visit 3 years ago.