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Sep 17, 2010 07:29 AM

Best store/bar to buy/sample microbrew beers

Looking for the best store/bar in Austin that has the widest array of microbreweries from around the state (preferably Austin and Hill Country area - 512, Freetail, Real Ale, Live Oak, Independence, North by Northwest, Faust) and country.

I am coming from Dallas so I have had most of the local to Dallas and Houston beers (Franconia, Rahr, St Arnold, Southern Star)

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  1. I don't have any suggestions but I would also like to know the same, particularly any place north or northwest.

    1. Ginger Man downtown has loads of local taps. Whip In liquor store also sells draft beer in pints and growlers. B.B. Rovers has hundreds of beers, albeit most in bottles. Dig Pub in Cedar Park also has an extensive menu:

      1. The convenience store at the intersection of 45th & Duval (I think it is called Sunrise Market) has a ridiculous number of beers. I read somewhere that their idea is to carry every beer any distributor will deliver. In addition, they have a very large make your own 6 pack for a set price selection.

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          Watch out for the make your own six pack there. They have a sign that says you can't get two of the same beers. We picked out six different beers only to get to the register and find out that they also meant no two beers from the same companies. The woman was actually very rude to us, kind of implying we were trying to get one over on her. We gave up because we'd spent too much time and excitement over picking out our six. We ended up just getting a sixer of one of my husband's favorites. They charge something like $12.99 for the "make your own" and none of the ones we'd picked out were more than $7.99 a six pack. Still, we were treated like we were trying to steal from her. We'll never be back.

          1. re: stephanieh

            I completely agree that the make your own six pack is not a good deal, but for someone that just wants to try a variety I think it works. Personally, I prefer to just buy new/different six packs.

          2. re: ebloom

            From what I've heard you should check the expiration date on beer there since something may be a little out of date.

            1. I'm a big fan of the Draught House Pub on Medical Parkway near 45th Street. They usually have good specials and always have a great selection, most all of it being on tap. Good house brews and a nice, laid back atmosphere.