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Sep 17, 2010 07:22 AM

Nordicware products, stovetop waffle iron

Been looking for a waffle iron or maker and just stumbled upon the Nordicware website.
Was happy to see that they still manufacture them in the US and now really want to buy more of their

Aside from their baking pans, which I've used and liked, does anyone use their cookware (pots, pans) and how do you like it?

And, how about their stovetop Belgian waffle iron?

I am impressed with the range of products they have as I always associated them with just baking pans.


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  1. I have the Nordicware Æbleskiver pan sold by WS. It's great I love it, and the Æbleskivers are fun to make and to eat. It's kind of a weekend special treat, so the pan doesn't get used that much. The only reason I went ahead and bought it was because it's made in the USA, if it were made in China I would have just done without it.

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      Thanks, I did see that pan there; those are filled pancakes? Can you make savory ones as well? And does it come with recipes?

      1. re: poptart

        They have a book full of recipes, sold seperately. You can make corn bread Æbelskivers and all sorts of other unique not so pancake types as well as the ones with all sorts of fillings. We actually had the corn bread with pulled pork that I cooked on the smoker overnight just a couple of weeks ago.

    2. I had the waffle iron and was quite happy with it (at the time I got it, it was just about the only Belgian waffle iron out there) - it takes a bit more involvement on the part of the cook than an electric one, but works well.

      1. On Ruelala they are doing a Nordicware sale tomorrow with a few of the items including a stovetop waffle maker you might want to check it out because their prices are usually at least half off.

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          Over a dozen years ago, I purchased their broiler pan. Excellent! It's like an aluminum 'lasagna-type' pan, but with a heavy cast iron grid. I put a half inch of water in it (to prevent flare ups) and put it under the gas broiler for a few minutes. Excellent 'BBQ' chicken when it's too wet outside for charcoal. Nice grill marks. The key is to preheat. Great on steaks, too, but not as good as charcoal.

          1. re: juli5122

            That's actually what got me thinking about Nordicware to begin with :-)!
            I didn't realize they'd have the wafflie iron, thanks for the tip! Based on Buttertart's experience I'll spring for one if half off.

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              Brings back happy memories of my early married days (and then kitchen). I hope you like it.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. This is great info, thanks! I wondered if CI had ever reviewed them, and must have missed that issue.

            2. They invented the bundt pan and I suppose their baking pans are ok. I'm not familiar with the waffle makers or aebleskiver pans but I am familiar with their stovetop cookware. I'd avoid it. We got an 8 piece set as a gift many years ago. (Ok, my father bought it for us since their headquarters and outlet store were near his office). Anyway, the nonstick coating wears off fast and they are pretty thin so things tend to scorch in them. I suppose it's ok for young people looking for cookware just setting up in an apartment, but certainly not for serious cooks.