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Sep 17, 2010 07:05 AM

Amherst, Milford,NH area and along 101A area

This is kinda last minute but going up to the antiques show on the green in Amherst, NH saturday and then for a drive along 101A to stop at the antique shops. Looking for a lunch place anywhere in that area of southern, NH. Thanks!

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  1. Lala's Hungarian is slightly out of the way in Downtown Manchester - and their dishes are authentic and excellent (priced right too). Bedford is well known for the Bedform Farms which has excellent Yankee food and service. Eat in the southern part of the state - good food is few and far between on 101A itself. Enjoy the shopping!

    1. It's not fancy, but the Black Forest Cafe is on 101 in Amherst and it's a good place to stop for lunch. They have soups, salads, sandwiches, some hot entrees and baked goods.

      I haven't been to the Bedford Village Inn on Rt. 101 in Bedford (next to Amherst) in many years, but I've heard their food has improved lately.

      Bedford Village Inn
      2 Olde Bedford Way, Bedford, NH 03110

      1. Which antique shops are you planning on going to? Are you looking for breakfast or lunch? That might help with the recommendations...driving up to Bedford after the show might not be the best plan if you are not headed up that way.

        btw...I noticed you are from CT (I grew up close to where you are)...I travel back and forth all the time, just wanted to recommend my route which is to go from 290 to 190 to rt 13 so that you get a nice back roads type of ride and less mileage too. Sometimes the GPS and web maps send you all highway to Rt 3 to 101A in Nashua. There are a few antique shops in MA along 13 too.

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          I don't think I have been up that way so we are goingg to try NH Antiques Coop,Antiques at mayfair,101A Antiques. I have a bunch more written down at home. We want to get to the Amherst around 9am so I imagine we leave 6-6:30 and then drive from there. I have some places in Milford written down as well. So here are the areas and hopefully you can recommend some more places. Thanks for the tip on the driving route. I prefer backraods scenic drives.

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            3 hours is the most it should take, especially at that hour. Those two antique spots are great. NHAC has lots of higher end items, Antiques at Mayfair has tons of rooms, most things are pretty good deals. Do you have the correct address for Mayfair? They are now in Salzburg Square, 101 Amherst. I don't believe there is a 101A Antiques any longer. Now, if you head from the Amherst Green to Milford, you go to the oval and go right to head to NHAC...if you were to go left out of the oval, you will find the new Robin's Egg co-op down on the left. Go past that and you will find the antiques barn on the right. Also on the oval is a small antiques shop, but they have odd hours, I assume they are open on weekends.

            So food...Blackforest can be hit or miss. They do serve A&E coffee, and that is really the best around. Most of their lunches are good, plus it's quick. Newly open in Milford is the Rustic Leaf Bistro. I've never been, but if you search for it online you'll see many positive reviews. The Yankee Chef has been known to be good, but my breakfast there a few weeks ago was not memorable (though it was supposedly after the chef was just fired). There are plenty of breakfast/lunch spots right in that area between the antique shops.

            Good luck and have a great time shopping!

            Yankee Chef
            321 Nashua St Ste K, Milford, NH 03055

                1. re: javaandjazz

                  oops, you're right, I completely forgot about that spot! There are two great places right nearby, one is the Dutch Epicure bakery and the other is A&E Coffee and Roastery. Not quite for a meal, but good for a recharge, or coffee before you get on the road! Mayfair used to be right near there, now they are a bit farther from each other. One more spot is Treasures Antiques, on 122 in Amherst.


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                    I need to stay away from bakeries for awhile. I am 10 days now no sugar no flour and only lost about 1 lb...ugh! I eat too many carbs and have been trying to be good and see what happens. But if they are flour and sugar free then I will be there..LOL! I have the Treasure place on the list! Thanks.

          2. Here's a list of places in the area that you can check out on-line.

            Also, on 101A there is just about any chain you can think of.

            Sorry this is so late. Not recommending any of these, but at least you can check and see if something peaks your interest, and ask about them, if you have the time.
            Some have been mentioned, so sorry for duplicates.


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            1. Moulton's (the general store in Amherst) makes great sandwiches if you want to picnic on the Common. We liked Rustic Leaf in Milford for lunch. There's a branch of the Red Arrow Diner in Milford too.

              Red Arrow Diner
              63 Union Sq, Milford, NH 03055