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Sep 17, 2010 06:51 AM

Frozen Quail in St.Pete/Clearwater/Tampa

i usually buy 6 frozen quail for $11...(sorta standard NY/NJ pricing)... I am having a barbecue Saturday,September 25th and am having trouble finding frozen quail down here. Only one place(Mazzaro's in St. Pete) will order them for me at $3 each,which is really biting into my budget.. I am going to pick up a dozen(that is all he has) at Ideal Portuguese Market in Pinellas Park... I still need another 60quail. Does anyone know where I can buy them and NOT have to do a special order?? Also, pricing is important... It's a relaxed family bbq and I want to keep the money spent at that level also.

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  1. so instead of $2 each, they're $3 each?

    Oceanic market is my best guess. N. Tampa Street.

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      WOO HOO! Thanks so much.. Just spent $200 at Oceanic and I am thrilled! Thanks for the tip.. I also bought frozen sardines and a lot of other things.. If you buy a dozen 6packs of quail they give you a 10%discount so I paid only $8 for each six pack.. They are 4oz quail which is standard sizing..... THANKS SO much for your help! much appreciated

    2. I get them at Acapulco Tropical in Bradenton, 6 for 9 bucks. I would call first to check on their quantity in inventory.

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        Call "Inter-city Meats" Sarasotsa they are a wholesaler that sells quail by the 24 count case.

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          House of Meats on Sligh and and MD Oriental on Fowler.

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            And for top quality at good prices you might also try Master Purveyors:

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            24 for $69.. not bad but too far to drive

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            I called and they are $9 for six.... just too far to drive.. thanks for the tip

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              thanks Veggo... I love Spanish Markets.. I called them and their pricing is great.. I just wasn't up for the 100 mile rt drive.... I will definitely visit them when I can make a day trip though.

            2. Not sure of thir price but Harrs Surf and Turf on Tampa Rd. in Clearwater has them in their freezer.


              Just beware I have trouble leaving there without spendingtoo much money. lol

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                thanks juli.. nice place but outta my range! lol

              2. You might want to try the asian markets in St. Pete. There is Cho Lon on 34th street near 52nd Ave north. There is Dong A on 30th Ave. North (I believe near 16th street), and there is another Dong A on 49th St North right by 87th Ave north. Most of the asian markets stock frozen quail at all times.

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                  Thanks Kemp.. I actually prefer to shop at the Asian and Spanish markets.. I find the quality of their produce and meats to be comparable to any 'upscale' shop.. I will definitely try these markets.