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London Brunch


Just wondering if anyone has any recs for a nice brunch in central London (covent garden, soho, bloomsbury) for a Sunday? med price range?

Been looking through old boards so wondering what is still good?

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  1. HI Matt - both ever-so-slightly out of the areas you mention but there is a now place on Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell called Caravan which is superb and which roasts its own coffee in the basement so if coffee is a factor you'll really like that.
    Not everyone's cup of tea but I've always enjoyed Automat in Mayfair as well.

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      yeah, Caravan is a great place -- brunched there last Sunday..

    2. You could try Smiths of Smithfield ground floor - they do a great brunch. Or Lantana Cafe in Charlotte Place, W1 - open on Saturdays. Or book in advance and go to the Wolesley - really great value for breakfast.

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        i've wanted to try Smiths of Smithfield, as it's right near my home, but every time i peek in, they have deafeningly loud techno music, even at brunch...

      2. Another Antip place I like - Kaffeine, 66 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London - nice food, great coffee and nice surroundings.

        1. I really like Le Caprice for brunch. Also the Hawksmoor which has a new location in covent garden.

          1. The Modern Pantry? In Bloomsbury, and people are always raving about it (though I've never been).

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              unless they've opened a second one (possible!), it's in Clerkenwell, not Bloomsbury...

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                I have to be honest, I consider Bloomsbury and Clerkenwell to be the same place! Probably incorrectly, but there at least adjacent.

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                  I'ld say it was Farringdon but the main point is the Modern Pantry is excellent. Great place for brunch.

            2. just wondering if anyone knows of a bottomless mimosa/bloodmary brunch spot in london?

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                not sure about the bottomless drinks offers, but am sure they are out there.

                i'd throw the wolsley and helen darroze into the mix. the latter's obviously not cheap, but a nice luxury alternative.

                a silghtly left-field suggestion would be the bar at galvin at windows. it serves food and drinks from 11 each day and, although not strictly a brunch menu, always contains favourites such as smoked salmon and burgers. it's quite reasonable too; the drinks, alas, not so much.

                finally, the much favoured, recently opened bar boulud serves breakie till 11 each day and takes in most of the brunch faves in one guise or another.

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                  Given the propensity for the average Brit to get legless at any opportunity I can't imagine there are any bottomless alcohol opportunities as I assume anyone mad enough to do this would go out of business.

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                    hawksmoor has endless bloody marys on their brunch menu (iirc)

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                      right that's me booked for a binge-brunch.

                      binge-brunch... that has a good ring to it. we could be onto something here...

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                        You would of course be referring to the famous Brinch.

                        Completely ruined my Christmas last year.

                        You might say it was the Brinch that stole Christmas.

                        1. re: Paprikaboy

                          brinch - lol. a lot. that one's definitely going to stick.

              2. I think Providores has the best brunch in london and is central on marylebone high street. unfortunately it gets rammed on a sunday and the cramped eating space (well the high chairs anyway) isn't the most comfortable when it gets busy. So i'd recommend caravan for weekends.