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Sep 17, 2010 04:39 AM

is there any good LATE NIGHT Eating in Hong Kong ???

Does anyone know of any good restaurants open late at night in Hong Kong?

The recommendation that I constantly get is Tsui Wah.

While it is open 24 hours, I find it to be completely uninspired. It may be fine for people to fill their stomachs after a drunken evening, but I find it to be a total waste of a meal opportunity. There is so much amazing food in Hong Kong... from high end to hole-in-the-wall shops (both delicious in their own way and in their own experience). It pains me to waste a meal at a chain restaurant like this.

I am not asking for too much. It can be food from any region of China... fancy or not... just something worth eating. I would even be satisfied with a good noodle or congee place, though the ones I'm familiar with seem to close early.

I'm in Hong Kong again now. I did not see any similar discussion on this board. Please help!

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  1. I should also mention that I prefer to stay on Hong Kong Island, rather than Kowloon, but would definitely travel if it meant better food options.

    I noticed some other well respected posters have also mentioned Tsui Wah. Perhaps I am not ordering the right items. The Haianese chicken is decent, but it's always sold out by the time I get there.

    Surely there must be better oprions.
    Thank you in advance for assistance.

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      At Tsui Wah, the baked pork chop over rice always works for me, and the curry beef over rice isn't bad either. I actually think the Hainanese chicken rice is pretty awful (the chicken was extremely tough and chewy) though I've only had it once.

      Another place that's good for late night is Manor Seafood Restaurant in Causeway Bay. It's famous for a number of dishes including the roast goose, and I think the place is open until 2am.

    2. What is late night for you? Before 2 am, there are better options. Manor is good for a proper sit down meal. There is also another Okonomiyaki place that I like around that neighbourhood. There are also decent dessert places in North Point and Tin Hau. Kowloon has much better options though.