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Sep 17, 2010 03:33 AM

Peter Luger's from Grand Central [moved from Manhattan board]

CT. Hound here,need to get to Peter Luger from Grand Central, cab? (cost?), subway? (safe?) any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Subway's fine. Save your cash for the meal.

    (If your initials were "gt" instead of the other way, you might be the best pitcher ever to grace the mound in Flushing. But you know this, I'm sure.)

    1. Take the 4 train down to Canal, connect to the J train, take that to Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn and you should be within 7 blocks or thereabouts.

      Cab? If you can afford Luger's, you can probably afford the $15 or so for the cab. But what would you rather be paying for- a little convenience or slabs of meaty bacon?

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      1. re: addictedtolunch

        In many years of doing that trip--by every means but swimming---I'd only advise that, if by cab, don't let the driver take you by way of the Brooklyn Bridge. I've had that tried on me a few times. Williamsburg Bridge only...the place is right there. If the driver balks, get out.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          you have good taste in steak but poor taste in cabs

          1. re: 2slices

            It's gotten worse in the last forty years...especially when the driver radios the Home Office for directions or doesn;t know where he can cross the Drive....annoying in the extreme.

      2. the subway is your best bet by far.

        1. Transferring to, waiting for, and riding the J train sucks. If you're committed to a $2 journey, take this route. Or take 6 train to Houston and grab a cab from there. Or take L train to Bedford Ave., get out, and ride the bus straight down Driggs Ave. to a block from the restaurant. Still $2 with free transfer. Personally, I would take a cab all the way. It's been a few years since cabbies were reluctant to go to W'burg. Also, most cabs have the GPS map tracking thing in the back seat. So I'm not sure how much monkey business is going on with ripping customers off these days.

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          1. re: Silverjay

            If he's committed to a $2 journey he'll also need a time machine. Fare's $2.25. Yes, I am a total d!ck.

            Depending on the time of day you might save time and a few (literally) dollars taking the 7 across to Queens and getting a car over the Pulaski and then down.

            But I'd just get a cab straight from Grand Central.

          2. I live in Williamsburg and I say take a cab. Over the Williamsburg Bridge of course. Shouldn't cost more than $20 depending on traffic/time etc.

            But no one has mentioned the option of walking the two blocks from GCT over to Bryant Park and hopping on the M train which will take you right to the Marcy Avenue exit of the J/M/Z. From there you can walk a few blocks down Broadway to Luger's. No transfer needed these days since they rerouted the M line.

            Both options have their liabilities but I don't think you should worry too heavily about safety.

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            1. re: rdnnyc

              If you're talking Monday thru Friday until evening, the M will do it, if your stay at Luger's is late, leiisurely winding up the meal with "strudel mit schlag", then it's back to the "addictedtolunch" advice.