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Sep 17, 2010 12:59 AM

Dessert suggestions needed for AFTER Yom Kimmpur dinner tonite.

Havis Tunisian/beef & bean soup with Couscous, a baked chicken/egg type of frittata, Shassuck , Harrissa., a Good 2003 Red Zinfindel., maybe a spinach salad. Any dessert ideas appreciated.

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  1. traditional for us is fruit compote made with dried apricots, prunes, lemon, cinnamon in a vanilla syrup. My grandmother always served a bowl of nuts in their shells with that, usually walnuts and almonds. if you wanted a more modern take on that I'd do a poached pear with zabaglione sauce.

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      Do you want a non-dairy dessert?
      If so, a lighter dessert like the suggested fruit compote is nice. I also really like this Chocolate & Olive Oil Mousse.

    2. I'd love to give you the recipe for my grandmother's apple cake, but it is not suitable for a meaty meal. How about an citrus-flavored angel food cake topped with some fruit marinated in orange juice? Do you want a recipe for the cake?