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Sep 17, 2010 12:43 AM

Milwaukee..Best Friday Night Fish Fry & Local Bakeries

Hi...Will be in Milwaukee for the Farm Aid concert in October & would love to try a local fish fry...I will be staying at the Crowne Plaza in Wauwatosa...I have a can travel a little if needed...Also any great bakery tips would be great....Thanks,Vicki

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  1. There's a very good French bakery and cafe in Wauwatosa, called Le Reve. It's in Wauwatosa's small but cute business district. From the Crowne Plaza, go east on Watertown Plank Road past the medical center and when you hit the light at State Street, you're a block away.

    About two miles from the Crowne Plaza in the opposite direction is Le Cakery in Elm Grove.

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        Well…I will second the Le Reve recommendations for baked treats and killer baguettes (and it is a wonderful place for lunch).

        Are you looking for a particular type of atmosphere for your Fish Fry? (Eclectic, upscale, divey…) I am actually having a hard time thinking of a restaurant that doesn’t serve a Friday night fish fry except some fine dining and ethnic spots—but hey, even they may serve fish fries. Maybe clarifying that will help…

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          It's been too long since I've lived on that side of town, so I have no recs for fish fries there. On the east side - Lakefront Brewery's restaurant, Hotch-a-do on North Ave. Hooligan's, a bar, but with cod and perch, always good. Now, if the Milrose was still open on Vliet st., you'd be set for a treat.

      2. Fish Fry? Just as others said, there is an almost unlimited range of choices and places.

        Reading into your post you said you have a car and are looking for a local fish fry - - and Farm Aid?- -maybe doesn't have to be all that urban?

        If there is one place I would recommend to someone from out of town it would be the It is about a 20 minute drive straight south on Hwy 100 (easy mapquest on their site) to the small crossroads of St Martins. Very consistent service in very comfortable 'Wisconsin supper club" atmosphere in spite of being packed on Friday night. The fish and the experience is every bit of what a fish fry is supposed to be.

        I don't know how familiar you are with them, but this blog may also add a little bit to what to expect.

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          Thanks for all the great suggestions..I didn't know about the fishfryblog...will check that out soon..I wasnt aware there were so many places to choose from..Just looking for a place where the average person would go if they lived in the area..Nothing fancy...just good..Hubby & I enjoy cod & pike with potato pancakes or steak fries...Good bread is a plus...I wouldn't mind driving 10 miles or so...probably will be sightseeing most of Friday so may not be in the mood to drive very far....Thanks looking forwards to experiencing your city...Vicki

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            Ok. Haven’t been to either of these, but have heard they both serve a solid fish fry. Kegel’s Inn in West Allis or Balestreri’s Bluemound Inn.

            If you head downtown and enjoy Irish Pubs…I always enjoyed the fish fry at County Clare

            There is also a southern style restaurant called Maxies on the west side that does a good one…but know that the place is usually packed and you may need to call ahead or wait for a table.

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              Also, here, very near by.


              They generally do a decent job, a fall-back position, so to speak, if you don't want to go far.

          2. Maybe a little late but next time you are in Milwaukee and want to find a fish fry check out the Milwaukee Fish Fry List You can search by the county, city, zip code, type of fish and the Milwaukee favorite, All-You-Can-Eat.