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Sep 16, 2010 10:48 PM

MoGo BBQ Truck at Palo Alto’s Edgewood Eats (9/13)

On Monday I took a break off 101 in Palo Alto to check out the inaugural “Edgewood Eats” event --- four food trucks spread out in front of an abandoned Albertson’s store.

“Turning asphalt into opportunity”
Crescent Park resident organizes Sept. 13 'foodie' event in Edgewood Plaza parking lot

Organized to help build community ties, I’d say it was quite successful and I hope that another will be in the works. In my time waiting on the asphalt, I saw many happy reunions among old school friends and long-lost work colleagues brought together in search of street food. I also witnessed hungry kids squalling and parents dumbfounded by the long, long lines. One mother said that she had planned to just drop by and pick up something to take home. Palo Altans were not deprived of the full urban standing-in-line experience.

Since I was already familiar with Hapa SF, Curry Up Now and Roli Roti, MoGo BBQ truck got my business. Here’s MoGo’s menu,
and there was another flyer posted on the window promoting rib eye tacos.

After waiting 18 minutes in line to place my order, I was informed that rib eye was not available that day. I suggested to the order taker that she should remove or cover-up the flyer so that customers don’t waste their time waiting for nothing. But after having invested that much time in line and not wanting to start over at another truck, I ordered a pork taco, $2, and a short rib slider, $6. My order was ready for pick-up in 22 minutes, a little longer than the 15-estimate by the order-taker. I reached for my order, and just touching the barely warm cardboard boats cradling my items, I was already let down. Waiting 40 minutes for lukewarm food is not my idea of a good time. Also, both items were wrapped up in excessive plastic wrap, not very green.

The pork taco featured a pile of shredded lettuce and a paucity of pork, as shown here. The cubes of pork were on the dry side with little character. The gummy tortillas were not sweated properly, staying stiff on one side and too wet on the other. Ugh.

Next, the slider, which looked more like a lettuce salad with a little bit of cheese dropped on a New England-style hot dog bun.

With the first bite, I figured out that this was a slab of Hawaiian sweet bread, nicely toasted, light and fluffy. The bread broke in half when I tried to pick this up. The taste was more of ham or some other cured meat with nothing beefy hitting the palate. I pushed aside the lettuce to see what was under there . . . pink cubes of mystery meat and some dried-out, hard and tough crumbs of what might be the short ribs. I went back to the truck to study the posted menu to see if it gave any clues to the contents . . . nada. Looking at the truck’s website, I discovered that the online menu describes the slider as including Spam. The website’s photo of a trio of sliders looked nothing like what I was served.

Waste of time, waste of money --- I can’t recommend either item from MoGo BBQ Truck.

Mogo BBQ Truck
3000 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

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  1. louisiana territory truck was good. pepper pecker po boy = hollowed out bread without being sliced filled to the brim with tasty sausage, yellow peppers, onion, etc. honey mustard.
    shrimp creole a little salty, but you can tell the cajun flavors are there, tasty sausage.
    specials: cajun chimichanga (blackened chicken, jamabalaya), nicely crisped on the outside.

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    1. re: ankimo

      That one sounds good, do you recall the prices?

      I'm glad to hear that there was a second Edgewood Eats. At the first one, I noticed that there were no lights in the parking lot once it started to get dark around 7pm. Has that changed since the hours have been extended until 7:30pm?

      Louisiana Territory
      Mountain View, Mountain View, CA

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        $6, i didn't see lights. plus minimal places to put your food down.
        trucks present: mogo, hapasf, roli roti chicken, curry up now, louisiana territory, kara cupcakes, ice cream truck for the kids

    2. some of these mobile food trucks are just riding the popular mobile food movement, without good food to sell. at $2 a taco and $7 a burrito, the food should be pretty gourmet and the service better be quick. but sometimes they fall short.

      I once got my lunch from a famous socal korean taco truck. food was nice, but portion was small and expensive. wait was horrendous (2 hours). still hungry after the meal.

      without consistently good food and quick service, the mobile food movement is probably going to be just a passing fad.

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      1. re: ckshen

        I would say the majority of the new wave trucks are not that good and there are quite a few that seem to have dropped out. But there is the occasional one that's worth trying.

      2. I feel responsible for not posting after we ate at Mogo at the SJ01 festival last weekend. We were looking for the underground market but didn't see it ( not lit up) until after the ill fated meal at Mogo. Even without the infuriating wait, the food is terrible. Isn't false advertising illegal? Spam is not short ribs. One from a cow one from a can. The burrito was actually bitter as if the cabbage was old. Spice was just hot/aggravating not complimentary in any way. Put everyone in a terrible mood. Then we saw the loooong lines out of the parking lot where the underground market was holed up and we nearly sobbed. San Jose clearly has pent up demand for a food truck festival.

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        1. re: Tumkers

          The demand hasn't seemed to diminish anywhere. With more sites being added in SF, maybe things will become manageable for customers.

          Here's Edgewood Eats FB page for updates,

          Next Monday, 10/4 is the last of the weekly events, then it's switching to a monthly schedule.

        2. Edgewood Eats
          Food trucks on tap for Monday 10/4, 5 to 7:30pm:

          * Chairman Bao (Chinese savory buns, fresh fruit shaved ice)
          * Iz-It Fresh Grill (Hawaiian inspired tacos and legendary Chinese fried chicken)
          * HapaSF (organic Filipino cuisine)
          * MoGo BBQ (Korean fusion wraps)
          * RoliRoti (spit-roasted chicken & potatoes)
          * Kara's Cupcakes (they're back!)
          * and John the ice cream truck guy

          Chairman Bao
          San Francisco, San Francisco, CA