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Sep 16, 2010 07:40 PM

Apple sage sausage?

I don't have a meat grinder, but I'd like to try pulling together a fresh pork "sausage" with ground pork. I think apples and sage would be delightful, but I'm in a quandary as to whether to precook and cool the diced apples before mixing them in. Has anyone tried something similar or have any thoughts?

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  1. Hi mattwarner, though I haven't used apples, I have used onions and after a couple of experiments, I achieved my best results by simply grating the raw onion, squeezing out any excess juice and adding to the meat mixture. I think this technique would work really well w apples and you've inspired me to do this over the weekend. I think I'll add some maple syrup as well. Let us know how you make out!

    1. I've done chicken/apple/sage sausage with good results. I like a little more texture from the apple in the finished product so in addition to running some apple through the grinder with the chicken, added about 1/4" dice to the finished prior to stuffing. You could grate some apple and finely dice. I did not precook.

      1. I did pork sausage patties once. IIRC, I used garlic powder, summer savory, dehydrateed onions, prepared dijon mustard, unsweetened applesauce, and grated apple.

        A good use for them was to sautee and crumble, then mix with cubed multigrain bread, egg, sweated onion, and more applesauce to stuff halved acorn squash which was then baked. A drizzle of maple syrup the last 15 minutes of baking.

        1. I do an apple, cranberry, and sage sausage. I small dice but don't precook the apples, mince the fresh sage, and use dried cranberries whole. For reference I dice the apples to about the size of the dried cranberries. I don't really use a recipe, just mix up a little of everything, saute a spoonful in a pan and adjust from there. Oh, a bit of Calvados mixed in adds a nice flavor too.

          1. Thanks to you all for the tips.

            Breadcrumbs, I'd thought of adding maple syrup, but we'll have enough spillover from the pancakes that I didn't want to have to worry about the extra liquid in the mix. I'd be interested to hear how it turns out if you try it!

            I just mixed the sausage, which we'll have tomorrow morning with some friends for brunch. I will edit to add results then, but I didn't want to forget the ingredient amounts in the meantime. :-)

            2 med. Red Delicious apples, coarsely grated and pressed of liquid
            1 sm. Shallot, coarsely grated and pressed of liquid
            2 eggs
            1.25 lbs. Ground Pork
            1 T. Sage (dried, not fresh)
            1/2 T. Table Salt
            1/4 t. Ground nutmeg

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            1. re: mattwarner

              Good Morning mattwarner,

              Your recipe sounds great, let us know how it turns out. I hope you're pleased with the results from grating the apples and shallot.

              I just finished cooking my sausage patties as the rest of the household sleeps....! I decided to do an Apple, Maple, Sage sausage. I'm serving the patties on toasted English Muffins with a maple-onion "jam" (for lack of a better description) and old cheddar cheese. I cooked one small patty first just to see how the flavours came together and whether I needed any adjustments. Here's where I ended up:

              Apple, Maple Sage Sausages

              2lbs ground pork
              1 tsp crushed garlic
              2 Granny Smith Apples grated and pressed of liquid
              2 tbsp chopped, fresh sage
              1 tsp kosher salt
              1 tbsp sweet paprika
              1/4 tsp smoked hot paprika
              1/2 tsp allspice
              1/4 cup maple syrup

              Despite having 2 apples in the mix, I didn't find the sausage to have a distinct apple flavour, it was definitely there, but more subtle than I'd envisioned. Next time I think I'll used apple cider in place of the maple syrup.

              Enjoy your brunch!

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Breadcrumbs, that sounds delightful. Did you find the maple syrup added too much liquid to your mix? I felt that about the eggs in mine. The apples weren't as assertive as I'd hoped, either. Your thought on cider makes me think apple butter could make a nice addition. Something tells me that neither of us is done with apple sausage quite yet! :-)

                1. re: mattwarner

                  m, the mixture was actually fine. I only had 1/4 cup of syrup though and no eggs in my mix. Though there wasn't much moisture in my Granny Smiths, I don't think I'd bother pressing the liquid out of them at all next time either. I like your idea of apple butter as well. I'll post here again next time around w these.

              2. re: mattwarner

                So, after breakfast, here are my thoughts:

                -Drop the shallot. The oniony flavor was overpowering to the more delicate apple and sage flavors
                -I used two apples, but the apple flavor was underwhelming. I'd use a more assertive apple - maybe a granny smith. I'd only squeeze one apple's worth dry, and I'd dice instead of shredding the other one, as someone else suggested. Since The sausages weren't too fatty, the moisture would have also helped.
                -A touch more salt would have been nice, though the group didn't feel as strongly as I did about whether the patties were salty enough.
                -More sage, probably double. More nutmeg, probably double.
                -Less egg, probably just one.