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Sep 16, 2010 06:42 PM

Wines in Peru

I'm going to be spending a week in Peru (Lima, Cusco & Machu Picchu) and, even though it's going to be a real rushed visit, I'd like to try some local Peruvian wines. Does anyone know how easy it is to locate wines from Peru? Are there particular producers that you would recommend? Are there suggested locations for buying the wines?

I know all about Pisco - and will definitely have my fair share - but there are no Peruvian wines for sale in the Vancouver market and I'd like to take advantage of what might be a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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  1. Peru has a interesting history regarding viticulture (I have heard winemaking in Brazil and Chile both have roots in colonial Peru) and its investing in viticulture for agricultural export and wine production. But overall it maybe where Mexico was 10 years ago, vs where MX is today . If you want to actually visit wineries Ica (4 hours South of Lima) is probably your best starting point if you can fit it into a week and its the center of Pisco production so there are some tourist operations already accustomed with arranging pisco tours and would know the artisan pisco producers. CiteVID in Ica is one organization focusing on viticulture, so who knows with a bit of email-pong they could suggest an artisan winemaker. Here are a few links to major Peruvian producers (their site is flash heavy, so google for an email address to contact


    I think you could easily get their wines in Lima and they could probably point you to where. Wine shops there may specialize more on imports than Peruvian wines.

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      Thanks much for the info. I'm pretty sure that we won't make it to Ica, but having a couple of winery names in hand is a start. I'm not even sure about the method of selling wine and alcohol in Peru - whether it's all state run in a couple of shops or private and everywhere. I'll see soon enough.

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        You can buy alcohol in the big supermarkets such as Plaza Vea. They were even doing a Pisco sampling when I was there!

    2. The big three in Peru are Tacama, Tabernero, and Ocucaje.

      However, I'd honestly warn against trying the wines, at least from the lower lines. I've tasted and reviewed them, and they're honestly not comparable to anything you'd find in some of the other countries in South America. It's an interesting cultural experience, but don't expect to be impressed in any way.

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        Tacama is probably the best, most consistent Peruvian producer. If you manage to find any wines from Arequipa (maybe not available outside that region, just like the excellent Arequipena beer can only be found there), they are fun to try. Peruvian wines certainly don't rival Argentina but they are not bad! Any large supermarket has lots of wine, the cheapest will be from Peru, and you might also find a lot of interesting South American wines that aren't exported to the US.