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Sep 16, 2010 05:52 PM

Group of runners in Barça

End of October we will run the Marató del Mediterrani in Castelldefels, near Barcelona. We all, 12 people, a healthy mix women and men, will stay four days in Barcelona. We like to run marathons but we also like , some of us the most, eating well. We're running for eating or running foodies.
It's not easy imo to book the rather small restaurants for a group of 12. So i need some help.

1. After the marathon, Sunday evening, we need a good restaurant with great atmosphere. I mean good music, a nice resto, a crowded bar, (not too much distance between resto and bar) ,...e.g; after the Palma marathon we had dinner in Opio of Puro hotel, in Istanbul we did the w-hotel with his lovely bar. What do you think of new w-hotel?, which restaurant? Bravo with chef Carlos Abellán? Or Moo in hotel Omm, is the bar good too?

2. The day before the marathon, saturday evening, we want to eat well too. I heard some good comments on Cinc Sentits or Sauc. Are they well equipped for a group like us?

3. The other days after (monday's and tuesda's) we like to have some tapas or pintxos. Which are best for a group?

Thank you for your help.


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  1. I am not too familiar with crowded hip bar with decent music but I have been to the WHotel down by the harbor. I think it would fit what you are looking for. I like Abellan's Comerc24 but not been to Bravo. Sunday night is difficult because most of the top restaurants, including those in hotels with famous chefs such as Lasarte, Moo, Arola, Abac, Moments are all closed. Should check if Bravo is open on Sundays.
    Cinc Sentits and Sauc, as with most modern Catalan places, are very small, about 40 seats, therefore, I would contact them as soon as possible.
    For twelves, can probably squeeze in most tapas/pintxos places. The large ones are: Sagardi (both the Born and Eixample branches), Cerverseria Catalana, Cuidal Comtal, La Bodequeta. The two Basque places, Taktika Berri and Euskal Etxea will be tight but I've been there when a whole soccer team came in; crowd is what these places are about. Standup and stools only. PacaMeralgo will take reservation.

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