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Sep 16, 2010 05:48 PM

Credit cards accepted on the Amalfi Coast, even in smaller restaurants?

Leaving for the Amalfi Coast on Monday. Have a great list of restaurants thanks to chow, but can't find info on whether people were using credit cards, or had to pay cash. I'm guessing most places in town take credit cards, but what about La Tagliata or Fattoria Terranova, further away?

Also, are owners okay splitting the bill on two cards, or will we get glares? It's just easier for trip accounting.

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  1. In general, yes. Ive never done separate checks in Italy - I would imagine it not too common given the sociability of Italians. Maybe someone local will react on this. Why not just have some cash and settle it out immediately?
    Our best information is that these two places will take cards

    have a wonderful trip by the way - looking forward to hearing how it went.

    1. I've sent them an email asking if they take credit cards and which ones.
      Generally speaking, due to higher commissions, in Italy retail do not love AMEX.

      Write it down the following:
      Per favore, รจ possibile dividere questo conto su due carte di credito?

      "Could you please split this bill with two credit cards?"


      1. If you want it for trip accounting, you presumably don't want the bill simply divided in half but for each person to be charged for what they had. While North American servers will do this (reluctantly), I don't see Italian servers having much patience with it. And what about the shared bottle of water or carafe of wine?

        I suggest that one person pay the bill and that questions like "My dessert was less expensive than your antipasto" and "You had more glasses of wine than I did" be discussed later and in private.

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          I agree with you zerlina. I've been to Italy a number of times and given the way most Italian ristorante and trattoria are run, I do not see separate checks as being looked upon favorably. To be honest, I'm not a fan of it here in the US either. JMO :)

          1. re: zerlina

            Actually, we do just want it in half, regardless of what each of us had --the accounting doesn't have to be down to the penny.
            We could settle with cash but we simply don't want to carry that much cash around, and we get heavily dinged for ATM withdrawals overseas, whereas our CC hardly charges at all for international use.
            This isn't a do or die scenario, if we can't split we'll just switch back and forth, and settle any major discrepancies after the trip. Thanks everyone!

            1. re: caraely

              I think you should re-consider your plan. As a general matter, Italian business (especially restaurants) hate credit cards, and I'm sure they hate bill-splitting with credit cards even more. When we go to Italy, we pay for everything in cash, with the possible exception of hotels. Here, we are typical Americans who pay for most everything with plastic, but I must say there is something satisfying about using cash for everything, not least of which is the smaller credit card bills when we get home.

              There are many banks, such as Capital One, that provide ATM cards with minimal or no fees for international withdrawals.

                1. re: Irene65

                  I've presented asked to have the bill split down middle and put it on two credit cards in places other than the Amalfi in Italy, without glares, but I'm only here to post that even if you know a restaurant accepts credit cards, you should have enough cash on you to cover the bill in case the connection is on the fritz -- which has happened to me more than once in an Italian restaurant, with many sincere apologies from the host.

                  In the Amalfi, you needn't worry about walking around with a lot of cash.