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Sep 16, 2010 04:48 PM

Best vegetarian option in non-vegetarian restaurant? FFD county

DH is a vegetarian who dislikes tofu /bean spout fare. I'm an animal flesh loving foodie who will try anything once. Recs on places that are not necessary vegetarian but have an outstanding vegetarian dish or two on their menu?

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  1. I think it would just be easier to get a divorce!

    1. I have a niece who is vegetarian, but only eats junky veg food, no tofu, sprouts etc.

      Best dining out strategy, find a really good red sauce Italian Restaurant. You can have any kind of meat and the veg can revel in pasta with non-meat sauces: Alfredo, primavera, mushroom, marinara. Eggplant Parmesan, Eggplant Rollatini, zuchini............

      I attended a wedding last month and the dinner choice was salmon (which I detest) and vegetarian. I ordered veg expecting a weird meal. I was served excellent eggplant parmesan with fresh asparagus and a squash pudding. All tasted excellent. If it was tofu and sprouts I would have poushed the plate aside.

      1. please take this as help but which end of Veg" is DH. Some of jfood's friends eat fish and others are closer to vegan.


        1. Most ethnic will work like red sauce Italian. Indian, Asian, Mexican all have many veg. options.
          I may be the rare one, but I like properly prepared tofu & sprout fare, However, I detest the restaurants that offer a portobello/mushroom dish as their only veg offering. Can't stand the rubbery things.

          1. You don't mention which part of FFD county you are in, but both my recommendations will work in either the north or south part of the county.

            Brazilian: Try one the restaurants that have buffets. They have rice and beans, tropical fruit, fried cassava, salads, plantains, and other options for vegetarians. And for the meat eater a selection of rotisserie meats. My go to spots in Bridgeport are El Pantanal and Terra Brasilis

            Central American: For the veggie they can order a "tipico" which will have rice, refried beans, cream, plantains, egg, and cheese, Pupusa which is fried masa with cheese and/or beans inside, and maybe few other things like bean soup. The Guatemalan/Salvadoran place on Main St. in BPT is good. Lots of other little Central American places around FFD.

            Pantanal Restaurant
            215 Frank St, Bridgeport, CT

            Terra Brasilis Restaurant
            1282 North Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604

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              we're in ridgefield, but open to a drive for somewhere we'll both truly enjoy. JohnnyCT, will def check these out, ty. we do straight mexican a lot but that gets old, will use your tips to branch out a litte. Jfood- he'll eat dairy/eggs, but no fish.

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                first stop should be Brendan's at the Elms.

                Here's a copy of the latest menu.