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Sep 16, 2010 03:49 PM

BYOB Bucks/Montgomery County

Looking for a good BYOB in the Willow Grove/Montgomeryville area for a double date. This is a good half way meeting point and the wine already picked out! TIA.

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  1. Arpeggio! Good mediterranean food, excellent wood fired pizza, great hummus, nice atmosphere, not too loud noise level for conversation, good location between the two towns.

    Other good BYO options include Trax, Tamarindos (free margaritas in addition to BYO!), Mina Cucina, Saffron..... Have fun!

    1. I agree with Ambler Girl's recommendations - have been to Mina Cucina and Arpeggio's and both have excellent food. Also heard great reviews about Saffron in Ambler and LAFusion Cafe in Willow Grove, but can't vouch for them personally.

      1. If you want a really great place for a double date try Little Marakesh in Dresher.

        The food is great and they have belly dancers on Friday and Saturday nights. It is also a great value; they serve a six course meal for $28.00. The meal is served family style and is eaten Moroccan style with bread and your fingers. The first course is a salad plate that includes several marinated vegetables and Middle Eastern appetizers. The second course is pastilla which is a sweet and savory pie with crisp layers of phyllo dough stuffed with shredded chicken and chopped eggs and covered with powdered sugar. The third course is a whole chicken that is poached with onions, lemon and green olives, it is very delicious. The fourth course is grilled meat, chicken or vegetable kabobs. The sixth course is cous cous with vegetables. The last course is chocolate chip baklava with mint tea. It is an enormous and great meal and a very fun experience.

        1. Ariana's in North Wales. Decent Italian, BYOB, moderately priced, good veal dishes.