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Sep 16, 2010 03:42 PM

Trader Joe's coming to KC!

I heard it on the news this morning, they are planning to open 2 stores in kc area in 2011. One at Ward Parkway and the other was Leawood 119. I really don't know exactly where that is but must be on 119th, maybe around Town Center? Just thought I'd spread the news.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The location in Leawood is in One Nineteen shopping center, which is opposite diagonally from Town Center at 119th and Roe. (The Mac store and Crate and Barrel are on that block.) I'm happy to hear they'll be at Ward Parkway Center, too, as that area really needs a steady retail draw. The KS location won't have alcohol, but Ward Parkway will. It's about time! I'll be there opening week. I've shopped at the San Diego TJs when visiting family.

      1. Happy Happy!! Joy Joy!! Can't wait!! But I think it kinda dumb to have the two so near to each other. Would have put the Ward parkway one up north or out west in the Independence Center area.

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          Do you think they had a hard time finding sites, and that's what took so long? Yeah, six miles apart isn't much, which makes me wonder the reasoning. I know that TJs are generally much smaller than other groceries, and they're rather particular about demographics, from what I gather. But, KC is long overdue.

          1. re: amyzan

            My wife and I are thrilled. It is my understanding that TJ's has wanted to come to KC for some time on the Kansas side, however, the wierd Kansas liquor laws stopped them. The Ward Parkway store (almost Kansas) will pull the wine and liquor shoppers and residents of the Plaza, Ward Parkway, Mission Hills, Prairie Village, old Leawood, and Waldo. The 119th store will pull the residents of new Leawood, south Kansas city, and south Overland Park. Both stores will pull foodies from all over wanting the Trader Joe's experience. Think they know what they are doing? By the way, don't be surprised if Two Buck Chuck isn't Three Buck Chuck here.

            1. re: powillie

              Sorry but 2 buck chuck was already 3 buck chuck last October when I was in St louis last year. Still worthit though.

          2. re: Irishbeer4me

            Only prpblem is that Independence Center is East of Kansas City, not West. Ward Parkway is