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Sep 16, 2010 03:35 PM

Royal T - Culver City

How is this place? Anything to look forward to or should I try to steer the lunch to another place? The person I am going with is eager to try it.


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    1. re: lolabelow

      It's cute enough to go once, IMO. I went with a few friends about a year ago and did the High Tea set. It definitely wasn't memorable, but food was edible. The tea was good, and the katsu ordered by friends was pretty good. Overall, I woulnd't say it was a loss b/c it was a fun and interesting experience with friends. We took some pictures in front of the wall of giant Japanese school girls and browsed around the littel shop.

    2. do yourself a favor and don't try to order something during an event, unless there's like no one around. when they're really busy, it's pretty bad. you'll be waiting for ages. you'll wait to get seated, then you'll wait to order, and then you'll wait for your food to eventually come. the food is just ok. they sometimes do special dishes for events. it's somewhat on the pricey side.

      1. I went once for Dine LA last year, the tea is very good, the food was quite tasty, the kitsch of the place made it personally unappealing, but I can see how it would be alright to certain tastes. Jin's Patisserie is worlds better as a tea experience, though the food selection is better at Royal T. But Jin's food is probably better, you just get tea sized servings.