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Sep 16, 2010 03:23 PM

Dinner and drink recommendations in Eugene, OR

I know that Eugene is a bit away from Portland, but I thought this board might have to recommendations for some great eats in Eugene. My husband and I will be visiting there in a couple of weeks.

We like nearly every kind of food, aside from Indian myself. We'd like something local/regional or unique to the area if there is something that comes to mind. We don't really want a super high end establishment, but we don't have to eat fast food either.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations are great. We are from Los Angeles, so we are pretty spoiled for choice here when it comes to different Asian cuisine.

And if you have any good wineries or breweries in the area that you love, we'd love to hear them as well. We are going to hit a few wineries on our drive down from Portland. But if there are some in the area, we would be happy to know where we should hit.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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  1. I highly recommend Bepe and Gianni for great italian food. Two other great options are Red Agave (Latin Fusion) and Marche (NW cuisine) All could hang with Portland restaurants IMHO. enjoy!

    1. Domaine Drouhin is a highly rated winery SW of Portland. Their tasting room is open daily through October 12th from 11 AM to 4 PM. Private tours are available by reservation. You might leave Portland, OR going S on Highway 99 W leaving I 5 at Exit 294 in Portland, OR. Go S on Highway 99 W for 20.6 miles and turn right on NE Archery Summit Road just S of Dundee, OR. Go W on NE Archery Summit Road for 1.8 miles to Breyman Orchards Road. Go to your right for .8 miles to Domaine Drouhin. You can return to Highway 99W and go S to McMinnville, OR and have a wonderful lunch at Bistro Maison serving fine French bistro fare for lunch and dinner. I would go to Golden Valley Brewery for a cold drink and some outstanding fresh salads, burgers, seafood and steaks. Or you can return to Highway 99W and go S to Highway 22. Take a left and go a couple of miles to Salem, OR for lunch at Ram Restaurant or Schroeder's. Return to I 5 and head S to Eugene, OR.

      Domaine Drouhin @ 6750 Breyman Orchards Road, Dayton, OR 503 - 864 - 2700.

      Bistro Maison @ 729 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville, OR 503 - 474 - 1888.

      Golden Valley Brewery @ 980 NE 4th Street, McMinnville, OR 503 - 472 - 2739.

      Ram Restaurant and Brewery @ 515 12th Street SE, Salem, OR 503 - 363 - 1904.

      Schroeder's Guest House Restaurant @ 4850 Portland Road Northeast, Salem, OR 503 - 390 - 4689.

      At Eugene, OR I recommend you visit King Estate Winery for lunch and a tour. They have their own restaurant open daily for lunch or dinner with outdoor seating also. Go S of Eugene, OR 11 miles on I 5 to Exit 182, Go W towards Creswell, OR on Cloverdale Road .8 mile. Continue W on Camas Swale Road 6.4 miles. Continue W on Hamm Road 5.6 miles. Turn left on Territorial Road and go 2.2 miles to King Estate Winery.

      King Estate Winery @ 80854 Territorial Road, Eugene, OR 541 - 942 - 9874.

      Go to Marche for an outstanding breakfast.

      Marche Cafe @ 5 Street Public Market, Eugene, OR 541 - 342 - 3612.

      1. I second King Estate! Delicious food in a beautiful setting, although now that it's the rainy season the patio may not be open but their inside dining is nice as well.
        King Estate is a bit of a drive so if you're looking for a restaurant in Eugene for dinner, I would recommend Nib:
        They do more than just desserts and their food is quite delicious. Brunch is wonderful but only open on Sundays.
        Barry's is a great deli in the plaza near 29th and Willamette. It's nice for lunch, tasty soups and great challah sandwiches. They also have a location on campus but I prefer the 29th and Willamette location so you don't have to deal with campus traffic.
        As for breweries, Ninkasi just updated their tasting room. I don't think they have food but I've enjoyed almost every beer they've made.
        If you're in the mood for a burger, Cornucopia is great but the service is usually a bit slow.
        For BBQ, I would recommend the BBQ King. His cart is across from Safeway on 18th between Pearl and Oak. He does a great BBQ chicken sandwich.