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Sep 16, 2010 03:14 PM

PJ Henry's in Ardmore now Cantina Diablo

Just noticed that PJ Henry's in Ardmore is now a place called Cantina Diablo. Hooray! (Anything's better that that craphole). Anyone know any details about the new restaurant?

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  1. Not a big fan of Mexican food but been there 3 times since it opened. Alot of food for the price. They cleaned it all up and did a nice job of changing it over. They got alot of new servers and bartenders too. Probably why I went back so much. the fish tacos are the best and I got to say the Fajitas are good too. Would recommend a least a drive by to check it out

    1. I had not noticed the changeover- is it new owners, or just a new concept?

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        Went for lunch today with my son. Everyone seemed pretty new. Fish tacos WERE pretty good (lots of fresh avocado and cucumber.) Mon son ( a connoisseur) was quite upset with his burrito. Though a decent size, he said the refried beans tasted canned and that it lacked cheese.

        His benchmark is Taqueria Veracruzana, though, bu also eats a few per week at Qdoba.

        We split some "nuclear" wings. They were served lukewarm (though there was only one other table occupied,) They were lightly breaded and all the fire was in the breading.. no sauce.

        I guess I'd eat the fish tacos again, but would not make a special trip.