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Sep 16, 2010 03:11 PM

Din Tai Fung: Opening date?

Anyone know when Din Tai Fung is opening in Bellevue's Lincoln Center. All my sources only say "Fall, 2010".

Relatively surprised that a search didn't already pick up this question given the number of xaio long bao fanatics out there...

More info:

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  1. I went by yesterday, they are not close to being finished, that said the opening is supposed to be late October/early November. It is hard to find if that is the room they are going to use, tucked away down a hall.

    1. I talked with the owner some months ago. He was aiming for mid-to-late October. He said he still has to fly in the head chef from Taipei to give his blessing. At that time, he also said he's going to stay open until 2am.

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        good luck with that visa. Visas for people to come here from Taiwan for any length of time appear to be hard to come by. We know some people who were trying to bring a Buddhist priest over to run a monestary and they finally just gave up.

      2. If it's open by Thanksgiving, be pleasantly surprised. Restaurants never open on time, and if someone's turning a non-restaurant space into one, you can safely add 3-6 months to the initial estimated opening date.

        1. I had the wonderful opportunity to eat at Din Tai Fung in Beijing and am really excited for them to finally open in the Seattle area.

          1. They're getting close... according to the post on FB it's looking like sometime in Nov, but no official date yet

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              (oops, should read the link first. Disregard.)