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Sep 17, 2005 01:11 PM

Breakfast in Redondo Beach

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Can I get a rec. for somewhere to have Sunday brunch in Redondo Beach or close by? Nothing too fancy, just a nice cafe. Would love somewhere close to the freeeway (405).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Scrool down this boad to

    South Bay Breakfast Suggestions pls. - KD 15:30:26 9/16/05 (7)

    But for now

    Eat At Joe's (Any omelet, also try the “John Wayne Special, be early or you will wait)
    400 N. Pacific Coast Highway
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
    (310) 376-9570

    Original Pancake House (More pancakes than Bubba-Gump has shrimp, Buttermilk, Crepes, Dutch Baby, Potato pancakes, Bluebarry...... – This is not IHOP but might be pancake heaven, be early or wait & wait)
    Redondo Beach
    1756 South Pacific Coast Hwy.
    Redondo Beach, California 90277

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      Santa Monica Native

      Hi Michele,

      I love Sloopy's in Manhattan Beach. Not close to the freeway (just a few blocks from the strand) but worth a drive for the atmosphere. Order at the counter, take to your table. The place is overwhelmed with plants, floors are uneven, you'll see many locals. Eat in the back on the raised patio and put outa food nibble for the birds to swoop down on. Breakfast sandwich on a bagel's very nice, as are the smoothies. Bon Appetite!


      1. I'm a local and eating out for breakfast is part of living and breathing in the Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan area. The best breakfast place, by far, is in Manattan Beach and it's Uncle Bill's Pancake House on Highland about 3 blocks north of Manhattan Beach Blvd. It's always a case of waiting to be served but it's more than worth it. If we want to eat off a bodybuilder menu we go to the Rocky Cola Cafe on PCH in Hermosa. Lastly, if we want to grab a quick (I say quick because it's usually possible to get a table walking in except at peak times) breakfast at a place where the food is good we go to CJ's Pantry in Redondo Beach. As stated above The Original Pancake House is good and Eat at Joes is good too they just usually aren't our first choice. I've never eaten at Sloopy's so I can't comment. In the south bay if you want close to the freeway there is always IHOP. Sorry.

        1. Right next door to Good Stuff in Redondo is a Mexican restaurant called Riviera Cafe. It's got a very nice patio and is nice for a change-of-pace breakfast.

          Since others are offering Manhattan Beach alternatives, I vote for The Local Yolk, on Highland a couple of blocks south of Rosecrans. My favorite Manhattan Beach breakfast by far.

          1. As a South Bay kid from grammar school through frosh year of college, I concur with all the suggestions however, tradition dictates that many late nights end and early mornings begin at Manhattan Beach's venerable Kettle on Highland and Manhattan.
            Long before the Mimi's Cafe chain riffed on it's concept and menu, the 24 Hour spot has been a catch-all for locals.

            So, what to get?

            Unquestionably, the Oeufs Pain Perdu. Fresh eggs, homemade links, home potatoes and french toast stuffed with cream cheese and marmalade. Hmmmmm. Just thinking about it brings a rush of nostaligiac memories.

            My other tradition involves the post-wave session meal and outside of fresh Ensenada-style fish tacos, there are few meals that satisfy wave riders more than homestyle local grindz, aka, Hawaiian Food. Although THE BEACH HUTs in Manhattan (Highland Ave. just North of Rosecrans in El Porto) and Hermosa (Hermosa Ave. just North of Pier) are not my faves in the genre (BRUDDAHS still rules), one can certainly do worse.