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Sep 16, 2010 01:33 PM

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

I'm looking for a new Italian restaurant to try in Southern Westchester. We love Toscana in Tuckahoe, but have never been to Angelina's and have read some good reviews. Can anyone give me some input on Angelina's, including decor, service etc.. Would like to take my honey someplace different on his birthday and Angelina's seems to have been cited for its wine list. Other suggestions? Emilios? Thanks all.

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  1. emilio's is worth a try, especially for the antipasto and the wine list (many good choices for $30-$40). ask the owner for a wine recommendation. prices for the meal are reasonable.

    1. Well, if you want great ambience, this isn't the place for you, but we love Carlo's in Yonkers on Tuckahoe Road. The food is fabulous and the specials are always interesting (veal sliders, fregola with clams and fresh tomatoes, stuffed chicken breast with a different stuffing ever night, etc.). The decor, however, is pretty much what you'd expect in a rathskeller from the 50's: Lots of dark, beat-up wood and old, wobbly tables and chairs. For us, we're happy their efforts go towards the food and not the atmosphere. The profiteroles are to die for. If you go on a weekend, be warned that specials can sell out by 6 and there's always a line out the door from 7 p.m. on.

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        Sounds like someplace we'd like to try on a non-special occasion. My BF has a thing for profiteroles, and good ones are hard to find. Thanks a lot for the tip -- I'd never heard of Carlo's before and it's now on our list -- you can't argue with lines out the door!

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          Don't argue. It's good, and reasonable, and once you start going there you keep going back.

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              668 Tuckahoe Road, near Central Avenue on the southwest side of the street.

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          My friend also recently said very good things about the food at Carlo's. I have passed it a lot but never been there. She suggested trying it at lunch.

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            It's very casual and quite bustling during lunch. They have a discounted menu, too.

            We really enjoyed their eggplant rollatine and shrimp scampi with capellini for dinner the other night. I felt like I was back in Brooklyn.

        3. Well, I was hoping to get a few more recommendations.

          I am interested in anyone's impressions of the following restaurants, or others. Have heard good things about all.

          Tombolino, Yonkers
          La Villetta, Larchmont
          La Fontanella, Pelham
          Angelina's, Tuckahoe (is it pretty enough for a special occasion?)
          Emilio's, Harrison

          Looking for good/upscale Italian, competent service, nice environment. I only eat seafood. My boyfriend likes lamb/veal/duck.. I'd welcome all feedback. Thanks!!

          P.S. Our go-to Italian restaurants are Toscana in Tuckahoe and Rosie's Bistro in Bronxville, both of which we love, but we'd like to try someplace new.

          1. I really like Lusardi's in Larchmont. I've eatern there a bunch of times and it's fabulous.

            Lusardi's Restaurant
            1885 Palmer Ave, Larchmont, NY 10538

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            1. re: brookedny

              Thanks Brooke. We had an anniversary party for my parents there a bunch of years ago so I certainly know the place and it is quite pretty & the service was wonderful. However, of late they seem to be getting a lot of negative reviews from Chowhounders -- i.e. not worth the high price, pretentious, etc. Worth reconsidering I guess. Have you tried La Villetta in Larchmont? Thanks again.

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                Emilio's and lusardi's are both fairly mediocre imo. I have not tried the other places mentioned except for Rosies in bronxville which I also thought was mediocre if maybe slightly better then emilios. Rosie's service is better I will say. I could care less for service or atmopshere as long as the food is great and that may be why your not getting more opnions from ch. If you want ambience try mulino's or polpo or valbella. For better food try cookery, il castello, tre angelina or tutta bella (son of valbella--better food & half the price). another place i have not been to but gets good reviews is zuppa (former chef opened cookery).

                1. re: cubanat

                  Dear Cubanat,
                  You've been extremely helpful! Although I wasn't able find a website for Il Castello or menu, from reading the recent online reviews, it seems to be just with what I'm looking for. You are right the food definitely comes first -- and with a menu that has both branzini & tiramisu, what else do you need? Atmosphere looks fine for a birthday dinner, reviews were consistently great and the location is good for the night in question. I can't believe that I didn't know about this place, but I see that it just reopened fairly recently. Would love to try it!! I'll also check out info on Tre Angelina & Tutta Bella online, but I think I have a winner already. Grazie mille!! (Cookery I already knew about and hope to try soon.)

            2. Spadaro in New Rochelle. By far the most authentic Italian food around. I love it though I know some folks on this board think it's overpriced. The problem is that there is no menu and it is easy to over order particularly when it comes to the fantastic antipasto.

              211 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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              1. re: roxlet

                I agree with you, Roxlet! I've been to Spadaro 1x and thought the food was terrific. Unfortunately, my boyfriend had a few issues with our meal there. He was a little frustrated with the lack of menu -- even more so when he saw mussels come out of the kitchen (he would have wanted them, but they weren't one of the options we were offered) -- even more so when he got the bill. I definitely want to go back, maybe with a larger group, and check out the antipasto which did look absolutely wonderful. But, since this is for my BF's birthday dinner, I'll take him elsewhere on that night. Have you tried any of the other restaurants mentioned above? Thanks for posting!!

                211 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

                1. re: cloverose

                  word on the street is that the principals at spadaro have split and will be opening up a different yet similar place in mam'k...hopefully they will have a menu and/or not charge you an arm and a leg for paltry small plates of antipasti. anyone else confirm?

                  1. re: cubanat

                    One of the sisters is opening a restaurant in Mamaroneck by the train station in the spot that was the short lived Bar Vivaci.

                    1. re: kaaaassss

                      ew...jinxed locale? odd area but nice pizza oven in there!

                      1. re: cubanat

                        Is that the one that just opened called La Scarpetta? I've been trying to find out more information about that place and wondered what it was all about.

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                          Avalondaughter is there someway I can contact you, I would like to talk to you about Iron Forge?

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                            You can contact me through my blog. I have some Iron Forge posts on there too!


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                              Thanks I don't want my comments made public. I might create a gmail account so you can contact me.