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Sep 16, 2010 12:34 PM

Fun place for an 8 year olds Birthday Dinner

We are going to be in Vegas over my 8 year old daughters Birthday. We really would like to take her somewhere fun for dinner on her Birthday. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maybe The Rainforest Cafe in the MGM or the Tournament of Kings dinner/show at the Excalibur Or take her to see a show such as The Lion King at Mandalay Bay or other show she might like and have a dinner at a restaurant near the venue that has her favorite food.

    1. You don't say what you like to eat or what she is interested in.

      My daughter loved Benihana. (Her grandmother took her while my husband and I went to Samba.) She also liked NASCAR Cafe.

      My daughter loves Food Network so any restaurant by a Food Network chef would be great for her.

      Yolie's is a Brazilian steakhouse where they keep the meet coming off the grill. It's a fun experience, if you like meat. We have eaten both there and at Samba, though it has been several years. The difference was between being in a loud casino and not.

      For my daughter, the most important stop in Las Vegas is the M&M store. :)

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        It's easy to make fun of Benihana, but I agree it's an excellent option with a child, especially if your chef likes kids and to showboat. The food is several notches above most of the theme restaurants that cater to kids and it isn't as mobbed or noisy as they are.