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Sep 16, 2010 12:12 PM

Second to None Meats, Montgomery (YYC)

I had a good experience at this place yesterday.. I had stayed away after reading some negative reviews here about meat being too old, but thought I'd give it a try since it's a convenient location for me.

It is a satellite of the main 4th street location, so it is retail only (they do all the butchering at the main store). About half of the meat is frozen for this reason. But the selection was still pretty good, no bison, but there was Gallway beef (grass fed all year round, amazingly.. Gallways forage in the winter. Google them and you'll see why.. then finished with some barley), free range whole chicken (5 bucks less than Planet Organic), nitrate free bacon, free range eggs, Valbella sausages.. all the basics. They also have duck, lardons, and meat pies in the freezer.

It is the best option in the NW quadrant for as close to natural/organic as you can get for a reasonable price, it seems to me.

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  1. I don't understand the negative comments -- we have ALWAYS had a good experience there with consistent high-quality product. If you give them enough notice, they will ship your required item from the 4th St location for pick up in Montgomery.