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Sep 16, 2010 11:15 AM

help cooking these chicken legs

i marinated them in italian dressing over night. i can only use the george foreman or the oven. how can i cook them so they are really good and not slimy. would it work if i rolled them in flour and baked them?

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  1. pull them out of the marinade, pat dry with paper towels, dredge well in seasoned flour and let sit for about 10 minutes before sticking in a hot oven on a rack over a roasting pan. Since they marinated overnight, they'll probably cook a bit quicker than normal, so if they normally take about 40-45 minutes, start checking at 30 minutes.

    1. Gosh, I wouldn't add flour at all. If you cook them through and then crank the oven up to crisp the skin, they'll be delicious as is. Don't worry about over-cooking, because they have enough fat that you want it to render so you have juicy meat and crisp skin.

      1. I wouldn't put in flour either. I have GF also, if they are not boneless, I would use oven at 350-375.

        1. I would bake them on a rack at 300-325 until the interior is almost done, then broil to crisp the skin, or remove, turn oven up to 450 and bake, turning once.

          1. If you want to coat them in something I would go for bread crumbs/panko mixed with parmesan cheese......would be good with the marinade already on there. Then bake.