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Sep 16, 2010 11:04 AM

need a 2nd person for momofuku ko lunch tomorrow, fri sept 17, 12:45pm seating

I snagged a 2 person reservation for momofuku ko lunch, but my dining buddy bailed on me. Looking for someone who can commit to taking that second seat so I don't lose the reservation. I'm happy to be as quiet or talkative as you prefer.

Brief summary: Ko's lunches are actually more elaborate than its dinners, and only available 3 days a week -- they suggest allocating 3 hours for lunch (vs 2 hours for dinner)

From http://www.momofuku.com/ko/menu/
our lunch menu is served on friday, saturday and sunday and is currently $175 – please allow at least three hours for your meal.

They do NOT have a vegetarian menu, and require PRIOR NOTICE (that is, prior to arrival) for accommodations for food allergies.

Note that they have a strict ban on photo taking as well:

So if you can commit to the 12:45pm res tomorrow (friday sept 17th), please POST HERE, pm me, or email me at secondforko@gmail.com so we can make additional arrangements.


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  1. momofuku has split the 2 seater, so there's an open reservation for one at 12:45pm via their regular reservation system. I urge someone to take it and enjoy.

    Full disclosure of self interest: if no one takes it, I'm still on hook for the partial cancel fee, and my alternative proposal to ko (I pay for two seats, and actually consume 2x the tastings*) was rejected.

    *-yes, I'm aware of the portioning (having dined there before) -- and yes, I have a truly, truly immense appetite...

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      Just to let everyone know, someone took the slot - thanks, mysterious stranger!

      1. re: cellardoor

        Why the hell would they reject the idea of you paying for two seats/two meals and actually getting two seats/two meals? Isn't the idea of a cancellation fee for the restaurant to make the money they would have lost by not filling a seat?

        I certainly understand the problem when someone has a last minute cancellation and the restaurant loses that profit. But in your case, it seems outrageous because you offered to get what you paid for if the seat weren't filled (seems fair), but they demanded that you pay for the food, but actually get nothing for your money. Seems like greed gone wild.

        But at least someone took the slot!

        1. re: ryansm

          I think Momofuku management sort of likes not making things more convenient for their customers. I actually like David Chang as a chef and eat at his restaurants, but that's still my impression.

      2. I hope you post about your lunch experience. I hope you have a great time!