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Sep 16, 2010 11:02 AM

Where to buy brioche bread and brioche buns in Huntington Beach/Long Beach area?

Trader Joe's has stopped carrying Brioche Bread and Brioche Buns. Where else can I purchase brioche in the Huntington Beach, Long Beach area?

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  1. Contact Picket Lane Bakery. They don't have a retail outlet other than the Saturday Irvine FM but they could probably arrange a pickup, one-off or regular. Their brioche is outstanding.

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      spoke to the folks at Picket Lane saturday at the Irvine Market to see if they can do any kind of pick up or retail sale midweek in Huntington Beach since they are based there and I live there. No go. They said they don't/can't, except if you want it as part of the Rockville Milk Home Delivery service. You can order that service here:

    2. Have you tried Bristol Farms and Whole Paycheck?

      1. Bristol Farms on Bellflower in Long Beach has the buns.