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Sep 16, 2010 10:37 AM

Packaged Cookie from the '70s/'80s

So there is this cookie my mom used to buy when I was a kid that I sometimes think about and have never been able to find. It was a type of sugar cookie from Europe (Denmark? Belgium?) that was piped into a continuous S shape. It had a particular flavor, almost like a Lorna Doone, that I specifically remember. The packaging was paper, but the cookies were protected by a corrugated paper liner. I found a cookie in Nick Malgieri's book "Cookies Unlimited" that look vaguely like it -- W's from Belgium, though these weren't exactly a W shape and they didn't taste like them, though that might be because the purchased cookies were from a commercial bakery. Does anyone recall these?

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    1. Not it, but perhaps Royal Dansk butter cookies could come close? The circular piped ones sound on point.

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        that's precisely what came to my mind as well! i *loved* those cookies as a kid.

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          We actually have the Royal Dansk at work, but, no, they taste different.

      2. I remember these as well! They were often on sale 2 packs for a dollar at your lower-end discount stores (Alco, Gibsons, Perrys, etc.) when I was growing up. The main thing I remember about them is that they were remarkably greasy, in a good way, and had a pleasant hint of salt.

        I couldn't tell you the name, but I suggest hunting around pharmacies and discount stores rather than supermarkets.

        1. I remember two brands of those cookies, and I believe one was Nabisco. It came in a muted gold toned paper wrapped cardboard box with those corrugated liners. I cannot remember what they were called, though I do remember they were made with butter rather than shortening, which wasn't that common in commercially made cookies. Will ask family members...

          1. this is soo shocking to me, me & my brother talked about that specific cookie for years, weve searched all around for them, i remember that taste from the early 70s when i was a little kid, ur rite the closest thing to them are the Lorna doone, my only problem is i cant remember the name of them u described that cookie correctly down to the bone Lol.... i can remember the S shape basically carved in sort of like a dollar sign!! and somebody mentioned the Royal Danske cookie they are OK but no comparison to the buttery sugar S shaped cookis from the 70s!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              I remember these as well I thought they were called melt aways but I'm not sure if that was just what my mom called them because they just melted in your mouth. I was addicted to these in the 70's and they just seem to have vanished.