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Sep 16, 2010 10:19 AM

Cheap eats in Dobbs Ferry/ Hastings/irvington

Can you please recommend some good and affordable restaurants in the Westchester area. Good pizza is also an option. Thank you

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  1. cheap is what exactly?? I find the cookery & juniper to be the best values in the county but some might not find them in-expensive. try taiim falafel hut, comfort is ok if you like stoned service, bar food at doubledays is awesome fried stuff, day boat cafe has great specials but not "cheap" or a value even but not outrageous. red hat also in same boat and I have heard great things about the indian resto in that area as well.

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      1. re: moron66

        i actually had a great burger there today- very surprised! should have skipped the side of onion rings- horrible!

    1. In Hastings, the pizza shop on Warburton across the street from the dinner. It also has pretty good, no frills Italian.

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      1. re: cavandre

        Please, on a scale of 10 being sublime experience and 1 being inedible; this place is around a 5. The sauce is out of a can. It's fine for the kids when needing a quick solution, but 'pretty good' it's really not. I'm sorry to be harsh.

      2. Maud's in Hastings. Above average pub food. Brick walls, nice atmosphere. Shepherd's Pie is outstanding.

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          People are going to think I'm in a bad mood. Once a year or so I give Mauds another try. Every year it continues to disappoint me with food ranging to lackluster/forgettable to really horrible. It's fine to grab a beer and chat with some friends, but this place should be ashmed of their pub food, which if done correctly (and it rarely is here in the states) can be a beautiful thing.

          1. re: gordoma

            I've always liked Maud's. It's just Pub Food, which doesn't have to meet gourmand standards. The OP asked for "cheap eats" and Maud's certainly is reasonable.

            The Shepherd's Pie has always been wonderful, decent burgers, sandwiches, nice brick walls, rustic look. Just good, acceptable pub food. Not fine dining.

            1. re: gordoma

              gordoma -

              I'm with you! I give it a try once a year as well. The place has such potential but everything falls flat. The food isn't pub quality.

              1. re: pabboy

                Pabboy-- please let us know your idea of a place or places that serve "pub quality" food in this area. Thx.

                1. re: menton1

                  Unfortunately there aren't any in the area or else it would've been mentioned in this thread already. The OP was looking for "good and affordable". Maud is affordable but no where near good.

                  1. re: pabboy

                    Wow. There must be over 100 Pub-type places in Westchester. None of them passes muster with you?? Do you have a Pub-type place anywhere that you like?

                    1. re: menton1

                      The OP was looking for Dobbs/Hastings/Irvington so there are less than 10 pubs. Maud's, Doubleday's, River City Grill, Broadway Grill. There's also Bubba's, and Pumpernickel in Ardsley. Yeah that's all I can think of. I do like Peeksill Brewery and Birdsall House.

                      River City Grill
                      6 South Broadway, Irvington, NY 10533

                      Broadway Grill
                      8 S Broadway Ste A, Irvington, NY 10533

                      Birdsall House
                      970 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566