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Sep 16, 2010 08:12 AM

Help with finding good Asian restaurants in the Barrington area (Thai, Indian, Japanese, etc)

I live in the city and have found alot of great Asian restaurants in Chicago through different postings on Craigslist. I was out last night with a friend who has moved back to the Chicago area and lives in Barrington now. He is looking for good Asian food in the Barrington area without having to travel downtown.

He is especially interested in Indian, Thai and Japanese food. However, he pretty much enjoys all types of Asian food. Traveling to the Arlington Heights/Mt Prospect area is not too far for him to travel. I realize there are a number of good Asian restaurants in that area.

Thanks in advance for your recommendation.

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  1. Sagano is a Japanese restaurant in Barrington's central business district, but I have not been there so I can't comment on its food. AFAIK there are no Thai or Indian restaurants in Barrington.

    altThai in Arlington Heights has very good Thai food. And Arlington Heights also has the Mitsuwa Marketplace Japanese supermarket with restaurant/carry-out booths in its food court.

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      Sagano is pretty good- standard sushi and cooked Japanese food. Parking is a little hairy but the food and service are good. If you go east into Palatine there are more options, including Sushi Ai at Euclid/Quentin, in the shopping center. Arlington Heights also has a Wildfish in downtown, right near Altthai. West into Crystal Lake is Wild Orchid, Thai, 6000 W Northwest Hwy. We have been there a few times and enjoyed it. Im not too Thai savvy so can't speak to it's quality compared to other locations, I just know the food is good.

    2. Yu's Restaurant (Chinese) near Woodfield is exceptional. Get the spicy eggplant!