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Sep 16, 2010 07:46 AM

Lunch near Beacon, NY?

We plan to visit the Dia Beacon museum and would like to have lunch or dinner nearby or in the direction of NYC.

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  1. Hi, Beacon has a lot of offerings - on Main Street, there are a lot of great places to eat - I will give you some websites to check out and you can make a decision:

    In nearby Cold Spring,

    Right near the water - very pretty.

    I will admit that I normally only eat at Brothers when we go to Beacon but I have heard great things about all the restaurants I listed. I have been to Hudson House several times and really enjoy the food and the setting thought it has been awhile since I was there. I had a Zora Dora's popsicle at the Walkway on the Hudson and it was amazing.

    Maybe others have eaten at these restaurants and can give opinions.........

    Enjoy your day!

    1. poppy's burgers on main street in beacon is also very good. plus, it's right across the street from zora dora! zora dora does close around 6 though, so try to get some paletas before dinner. i would also recommend homespun foods.

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        Took the kids to Beacon a few weeks ago and we had a great meal at poppy's and zora dora is really something special. Ay dios mio at the wait we had for food at poppy's though. I don't know if that's typical there or just our luck but it was way too long to have to sit for burgers and fries - even awesome ones.

        1. re: rafi

          Were you there on a weekend? The wait can be bad on weekends. Around lunchtime on weekdays it is definitely not as bad. Glad you liked the food though!

      2. If you are okay with something casual, Poppy's has amazing burgers! And fries, and sweet potato chips...etc.