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Sep 16, 2010 07:44 AM

Everything for the Kitchen (Glastonbury): Open for business!

EFTK is back open again! Now located on Main St in Glastonbury (corner of G-bury Blvd; plaza w/Bertuccis). I haven't stopped in yet but I noticed a big "Grand Opening" banner in front when I drove by yesterday. Fingers crossed they kept the old "back room" with the discounted goods!

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  1. Now called For The Kitchen--my understanding is that the original owner still has rights to the full name. Was told it was a legal issue, anyway.

    1. I noticed the "everything" is dropped from the name too....Not the original operator, but chose a way similar name? Strange

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        For the Kitchen has been opened for a while now (there is another thread on it). As I understand it the original owner sold it to an employee. They changed the name slightly to somewhat differentiate the new store from the oriignal. Still a great addition to the Griswold Mall and the town. Jay