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Sep 16, 2010 07:08 AM

Searching for the Real Deal Chinese Restaurant in Vienna, Austria

For years now I am searching for a "real deal" Chinese restaurant in Vienna that serves Chinese food as done in China. I have so far only found some good fusion style restaurants and dozens of the typical European Chinese Restaurant but none that was the real deal for either Canton, Shanghai or Sichuan kitchen. Somebody able to give me a good tip?

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  1. It would help if you would make a short list of those places where you have already been.

    IMHO there are just a few "real" Chinese restaurants to be considered, and even there you might have to ask a few days in advance for the authentic food (!!) and not the westernized versions offered to everybody.

    Here are the places I would consider:

    Zum kaiserlichen Thron: Sichuan cuisine


    Happy Buddha: Kantonese cuisine

    Shanghai Garden:

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      The Shanghai garten I have been to, I consider them as a good one for fusion style. They are good, but not 100% authentic.

      The Sichuan I have been to, but this is anything but authentic. Haven't found one dish with them that is even halfway as I am used to it from my many China travels.

      The other two you recommend I havent tried yet, they are on my list now. Thanks.

      1. re: NilesCable

        I agree with you that most Chinese restaurants do much less than they could on providing authentic regional cuisine. But I found out that most of them will serve quite different food when asked (in advance)!

        There are also a few Chinese restaurants who cater to tourists from China and serve quite authentic Chinese food. It is quite strange that most of the are closed to the general public and open only for tour groups. You will find some of these places in side streets of the Naschmarkt area.

    2. How about Meister Xiao in the 18th district or Hong Kong Keller along the gurtel? There are always Chinese people there!

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        Chinese people being in a Chinese Restaurant doesn't tell you much about the type of food they will serve you. I found that most times these people will get a different kind of menu, written in Chinese with different dishes, but I found most waiters in those Restaurants unwilling to help you out to get one of those dishes.