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Sep 16, 2010 06:42 AM

Thessaloniki, Thassos, Northern Greece Late Sept/Early Oct 2010

Any recommendations for good (not fancy) places to eat? I have the Saveur article from last month but am looking for additions.

Also other than Modiano Market any good food markets to shop in/at?

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  1. I had a nice upscale yet casual lunch in the Agioli restaurant located on the ground floor of the Electra Palace Hotel, on Aristotelous Square. The service was great, and the menu's selections were interesting and innovative. We shared about 6 mezedes, which were modern takes on Greek cuisine. Nice atmosphere and good food.

    The chocolate tsoureki at Terkenlis Patisserie is well-known throughout Greece. They were sold out when I was there, but the pastry I ordered was delicious.